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Volunteers plant a riparian buffer on Mill Creek,Lancaster County, Photo: Kristen Kyler, Penn State University
Lower Susquehanna Community Saving a Stream Using Trees - News News
Volunteers gathered on June 10th, at a family farm outside of New Holland along the banks of Mill Creek for a day filled with hard work for a good cause. More
Skunk Cabbage Unfolding, The tip of a Skunk Cabbage leaf as it unfolds. Photo: plantsforpermaculture/ (CC BY 2.0)
Skunk Cabbage: The Harbinger of Spring - News News
For many Pennsylvanians, the first sign of spring is the return of the robin, the appearance of snowdrops (flower) or the hopefully last pile of melting snow. More
Simplified hydrologic cycle of a residential lot. Source Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication 426-041, What is a Watershed?
Extension Unites to Create a New Bay Resource - News News
Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) certification program provides resources to help landscape professionals learn sustainable landscaping practices More