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Commodity Challenge, Screenshot from University of Minnesota Commodity Challenge Website
Why Try Commodity Challenge? - News News

Why Try Commodity Challenge?


Join fellow Pennsylvanians and beyond in Commodity Challenge, an online grain trading game. More
Adding value is about exceeding buyer expectation.
Value Added - What, Why, How? - Articles Articles
Sometimes I feel as though value-added is promoted as a certain road to success. To maintain and grow an economically viable business we would expect profitability. Value-added is not a risk-free path to achieving profits. More
2018 USDA, FSA Tariff Aid Program Details Begin to Emerge
2018 USDA, FSA Tariff Aid Program Details Begin to Emerge - News News
Specifics of assistance for farmers announced by the Department of Agriculture. More
Photo by Steve Williams, Penn State
USDA Will Spend up to $12B on Farm Trade Disruption - News News
What is known about the government’s farm-related response to retaliatory tariffs. More
Attractive displays enhance sales.
Creating Effective Displays - Articles Articles
Retail marketing is an art form as well as a science. Customers use all their senses when making purchasing decisions. More
Marketing is the management function generating revenue.
Retail Farm Market - Pricing - Articles Articles
The attraction of moving up the market channel is obvious. One of the challenges is an effective pricing strategy. More
How do we combine land, labor and capital?
What is "Business Management'? - Articles Articles
The basic resources at the manager’s disposal are land, labor, capital (buildings, machinery, equipment, livestock, cash, credit) and management. More
Effective grain marketing is about confidence.
A Few Concepts on Marketing Commodity Grains - Articles Articles
Enhanced confidence in the ability to effectively market grain typically comes with a continuous exploration of concepts, market trends and historical information. More
Retail Farm Market School
Retail Farm Market School - Online Courses Online Courses

Retail Farm Market School


6 hours

This online course teaches the basics of handling, preparing, and selling produce. Learn hands-on strategies to apply at markets and roadside stands. More
The Most Profitable Crop!
The Most Profitable Crop! - Articles Articles
Ag Marketing Educator, John Berry, reflects on one of the most common questions he's been asked over the course of his 20 years with Penn State Extension. More
2016 New Labor Law and Farming
2016 New Labor Law and Farming - Videos Videos

2016 New Labor Law and Farming

John Berry


This video illustrates potential impacts on farm businesses due to the newest rules from the US Dept of Labor. More
Harvest Calendar
Harvest Calendar - Articles Articles

Harvest Calendar

John Berry

This calendar will assist with matching your production with your marketing. More
Produce Packing Guidelines
Produce Packing Guidelines - Articles Articles
Key points to remember are quality and uniform product as well as good communication skills. More
Assessing your Marketing Strategy
Assessing your Marketing Strategy - Articles Articles
Beginning the steps needed to make changes for the upcoming marketing season. More
Developing a Roadside Farm Market
Developing a Roadside Farm Market - Articles Articles

Developing a Roadside Farm Market

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., John Berry, Lynn Kime, James Dunn, Ph.D.

Retailing directly to consumers can be a viable alternative marketing strategy and means of increasing profits for many small-scale agricultural ventures. More