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Cattle being finished on grass, photo by Dr. Jessica Williamson, Penn State Extension
Grass-fed Beef Production - Articles Articles

Grass-fed Beef Production

Tara L. Felix

This article will clarify some of the production methods used to raise grass-fed beef. More
Grass-fed Beef Production
Grass-fed Beef Production - Videos Videos

Grass-fed Beef Production

Tara L. Felix, Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., David Hartman


Grass-fed beef production in the United States is on the rise. However, there are important management and forage quality factors that must be consider. More
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Successful Grass-Fed Production with High Quality Forage - Articles Articles

Successful Grass-Fed Production with High Quality Forage

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., Tara L. Felix

High quality forage should be the main component of a successful grass-fed beef operation. More
Implants used in cattle increase feed efficiency. (Photo Credit: PA Beef Producers Working Group)
2017 Dairy Beef Wrap-up: Implant Demonstration - Articles Articles
Continuing information on optimizing Holstein steers for the beef market. This 2017 demonstration emphasized steroidal implants used to promote growth. More
Use of Beta-Agonists in Cattle Feed
Use of Beta-Agonists in Cattle Feed - Articles Articles
A recent furor in the beef industry over the use of the product Zilmax© in feedlot rations has again raised questions about the use of feed additives in general. More
Calf fitted with a device to keep it from nursing it's dam.
Reducing Stress at Weaning - Articles Articles
Ensuring your calves are healthy, by reducing stress, will improve their performance in the feedlot and improve your relationship with your buyers. More
Beef cattle in a feedlot
Certified Feed Management Planners: Beef - Articles Articles

Certified Feed Management Planners: Beef

Virginia A. Ishler, Tara L. Felix

Resources for certified feed management planners who are preparing feed management plans for beef herds. Required Items for a Completed Feed Management Plan More
A crowd gathers at a farm in Clinton County to discuss opportunities for managing soil health and planting green.
Planting Green and Soil Health the Focus of June Field Day - News News
Planting green is a practice where cover crop termination is delayed until cash crop planting in order to extend soil health benefits longer into the season. More
Photo by Brian Prechtel. USDA ARS
Are Our Cattle Too Good? - News News

Are Our Cattle Too Good?


Beef cattle producers are rightfully proud of producing a "good" product but sometimes go to extremes on weight endpoints to achieve this product. More
Figure 1. Conversion of glucose to acetate. Source: "Digestion: The Fermentative Processes"
Ionophores: A Technology to Improve Cattle Efficiency - Articles Articles
This article explains how the use of ionophores--antibiotics that shift ruminal fermentation patterns--can improve cattle production efficiency. More
Implant being placed in the ear of a calf.
Implants Used in Beef Cattle are Safe and Efficacious - Articles Articles
Beef from cattle that have had implants administered is safe for human consumption and contains far less estrogenic activity than many other foods. More
2016 LEC Dairy Beef Wrap-up
2016 LEC Dairy Beef Wrap-up - Articles Articles
This report summarizes the efforts of the PA Beef Producers Working Group in 2016. More
Consideration of Fat and Protein in Alternative Feeds
Consideration of Fat and Protein in Alternative Feeds - Articles Articles
Cattle can use many feeds that non-ruminant animals cannot. Thus, beef cattle producers are uniquely positioned to use new and changing feed ingredients. More