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A kernel on this ear has already sprouted as a result of wet conditions this growing season. Image Credit: Greg Roth
Sprouting in the Ear - News News

Sprouting in the Ear


Excessive rainfall during grain fill can sometimes result in preharvest sprouting in corn. If wet conditions continue, it would be good to assess this issue and take steps to minimize the impact. More
Visiting a field in Somerset County are (left to right) Brian Ishman, Local Seed Company; Ed Kreider, GROWMARK FS; and Albert McIntier, Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op. Image Credit: Zach Larson
Pennsylvania Crop Tour Assesses 2018 Growing Conditions - News News
Good, but not record-breaking yields may be expected for many farms across the state. More
2018 Wheat Planting Considerations
2018 Wheat Planting Considerations - News News
Much of our wheat yield potential is a function of decisions that are made in the fall. Take time now to make plans for a successful wheat planting season this year. More
Harvesting wheat trials in Pennsylvania. Image credit: Greg Roth
Winter Wheat and Barley Trials Posted - News News
Winter wheat and barley variety trials have been posted. Wheat yields were good, feed barley yields were variable and some of new malting barley lines continue to yield well. More
Understanding how many growing degree days are typical for your area can help in selecting the right corn hybrids and can help track how long it will take plants to emerge. Photo credit: Greg Roth
Track Growing Degree Days with This New Online Tool - News News
A website is now available to track growing degree days (GDDs) for farmers in the northeast. It allows you to estimate GDDs from planting for your zip code and to compare to 15 or 30 year means. More
Winter Barley Trials Photo: Greg Roth
Spring Malting Barley Trials Posted Online - News News
Results of a spring barley evaluation effort between North Dakota State University, Penn State and other universities in the northeast for the past two years have been posted online. More
Penn State’s Corn Silage and Grain Hybrid Tests for 2017
Penn State’s Corn Silage and Grain Hybrid Tests for 2017 - News News
Penn State’s Corn Agronomy program publishes corn silage and grain hybrid test results each year. More
Photo credit: Greg Roth
Corn Drydown Issues - News News

Corn Drydown Issues


With slow drydown in areas, it may be beneficial to identify fields that are good candidates for early harvest based on crop conditions and grain moisture. More
Photo credit: Greg Roth
September 2017 Crops Maturity Issues in Corn and Soybeans - News News
Crops have been lagging in maturity. Warm weather in the forecast should help speed up maturity. Some double crop beans may be at risk of not becoming mature. More
Winter barley planting considerations
Winter barley planting considerations - News News
Winter barley planting is coming and there are a few issues to consider. Take time to review fertility, planting date and variety considerations. More
Yield Estimation and Assessment in Field Corn
Yield Estimation and Assessment in Field Corn - News News
Now is a good time to assess corn yields. Our current corn crop looks good and yield estimates could provide some insight into differences between fields and hybrids. More
Dr. Greg Roth with ryegrass interseeded into corn.
Interseeding to Enhance and Extend Fall Grazing - News News
The greatest cost on grazing livestock enterprises is often stored and harvested feed costs. More
Ohio State Field Day Report
Ohio State Field Day Report - News News

Ohio State Field Day Report


A trip to Ohio provides some updates on their new fertilizer certification program, interseeding and crop management. More
Corn Silking and Early Kernel Development
Corn Silking and Early Kernel Development - News News
Corn and soybeans have survived a rough spring with challenging weather and pest concerns. More
Corn and Soybeans Turn the Corner
Corn and Soybeans Turn the Corner - News News
Corn and soybeans have survived a rough spring with weather and pest concerns, but weather and yield prospects have been improving during the last two weeks. More
An example of a quad plate demonstrating growth from a quarter sample of a cow with a high SCC. (photo by Ginger Fenton, 2015)
Using On-farm Culturing for More Than Mastitis - News News
New ways to incorporate on-farm culturing in herd health routines. More
Photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State Univrsity
Drought Happens - Are You Ready? - News News
Drought is a regular occurrence somewhere in the United States, even here in Pennsylvania. More
Pitless Adaptor. Photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State University
Drilling a New or Replacement Well - News News
Anyone installing a new well—or replacing an inadequate old system needs to plan carefully to ensure an adequate supply of good-quality water. More
Photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State University
Private Water System Education Workshop Held in York County - News News
One third of York County households are served by private water and septic. Home Water and Septic System Workshops help homeowners maintain these systems. More
Small grain maturity could be advanced in 2017.
Small Grain Maturity Advancing Rapidly - News News
Small grain crops are maturing earlier than normal. Now is the time to monitor maturity and make the necessary management adjustments to your timetable. More
Photo: Mark Madden, Penn State Extension
Wellhead Protection – the Area Around the Well Counts! - News News
Inspecting the wellhead (above ground portion of the well) every year helps a well owner discover potential issues before they become expensive problems. More
Understanding seed legal issues is critical to avoid legal problems.
Legal Considerations in Seed Use - News News
Understanding Legal Protections and Potential Liabilities Associated with Seed Use in Pennsylvania. More
Wheat Management Considerations
Wheat Management Considerations - News News

Wheat Management Considerations


Many parts of Pennsylvania are a few weeks ahead of normal regarding winter wheat greening up, consider crop development and future probable weather when making spring nitrogen applications. More
Sanitary well cap photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State
Spring is a Good Time to Think about Water Well Maintenance - News News
Your well requires regular maintenance, just like any other system in your home. Regular inspection and some simple steps will help safeguard your water supply. More
Hydrilla plant close-up. Photo:Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,
Focus on Aquatic Invasive Species: Hydrilla - News News
Hydrilla is a submerged aquatic weed of concern in Pennsylvania. More
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