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Dairy Outlook: January 2018 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: January 2018

David L. Swartz, Robert C. Goodling, Jr., Virginia A. Ishler, Timothy Beck

Current predicted Class III price for the first 11 months of 2018 is averaging $14.57/cwt. To face the year with optimism is to be sure dairy producers really understand their cost of production. More
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Dairy Sense: Know Your Herd’s Feed Costs? - Articles Articles
Maintaining positive cash flow on dairy farms requires good management of cropping, feeding, and financials. More
Photo credit: Dave Swartz
Dairy Sense: The Major Influencer of Cash Flow Mechanics - Articles Articles
Focus on total pounds of milk produced, not milk per cow, for positive cash flow. More
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Dairy Outlook: November 2017 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: November 2017

David L. Swartz, Robert C. Goodling, Jr., Timothy Beck, Virginia A. Ishler

Markets continue to move sideways with little prospect for forecast price improvement. None of the factors that are well known give much optimism for price improvement More
Photo credit: Shannon Wingert
Milk Price, Feed Cost, and Margin: A Historical Perspective - Articles Articles
Fluctuating milk prices and feed costs stress dairy operations' cash flow. Making decisions based on milk margin and income over feed cost are crucial to profitability. More
Robert Goodling, Penn State
Dairy Outlook: October 2017 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: October 2017

David L. Swartz, Robert C. Goodling, Jr., Timothy Beck, Virginia A. Ishler

October dairy outlook: little potential for increases in milk price; feed prices trending downward; harvests provide breathing room to milk margin/IOFC for Pennsylvania producers. More
IOFC Request Form - Online
IOFC Request Form - Online - Articles Articles
Use this to submit IOFC data directly to the Penn State Extension Dairy team. Someone will reply within 2-3 business days. More
The New Northeast Model
The New Northeast Model - Articles Articles

The New Northeast Model

Virginia A. Ishler

There is no easy solution to the present market situation, however there are some strategies that might help take the sting out of the current dilemma. More
Photo credit: Jill Kopfer
Margin Makeover - Articles Articles

Margin Makeover

Virginia A. Ishler

Smart decisions can be made when an operation knows their breakeven margin, but when comparing to benchmarks, make sure calculations use the same units. More
The most accurate method to assess the genetic potential of your sheep is through EBV data.
Use Flock Records to Set Goals and Make Selection Decisions - Articles Articles
Where are you headed in the future? Do you have any production goals for your flock of sheep? More
The graph generated from the Penn State IOFC tool
Income Over Feed Cost - Articles Articles

Income Over Feed Cost

Virginia A. Ishler

Monitoring income over feed costs (IOFC) is a way to evaluate a dairy's profitability. Several options are available to determine and interpret IOFC. More
Cash Flow Planning Cash Flow Planning - Articles

Cash Flow Planning

Virginia A. Ishler, Timothy Beck, Robert C. Goodling, Jr.

Keys to managing your operation for dairy profitability. More
Food for Profit: Price and Pricing Worksheet Food for Profit: Price and Pricing Worksheet - Articles

Food for Profit: Price and Pricing Worksheet

Winifred W. Mc Gee, Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

This worksheet is a supplement to the Food for Profit: Price and Pricing fact sheet. More
Photo credit: Lisa Holden
Take a Bite Out of Those Dairy Losses - Articles Articles
Managers can look at mortality numbers, feed shrink, and inventories of supplies to determine if changes could reduce these steady drains on profitability. More
Photo credit: Heather Weeks
Financial Troubleshooting for your Dairy Business - Articles Articles
Five steps to monitoring the financial health of a dairy business. More
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