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Come join us at The Plow & Hearth
Lackawanna County Master Gardeners Spring Open House - News News
The Penn State Master Gardeners in Lackawanna County are having a Spring Open House on March 30th. More
Mealybugs. Photo credit: Scot Nelson Public Domain
Pest and Disease Problems of Indoor Plants - Articles Articles
Plants can brighten our indoor spaces. Find out more about common pests and diseases of indoor plants and how to combat them. More
Seed Talk and Swap
Seed Talk and Swap - Workshops Workshops

Seed Talk and Swap


Warren, PA

The practice of saving seeds for future use is as old as cultivation. Learn how to retrieve, sort, and store seeds in this workshop. Attendees are invited to bring seeds to swap! More
There are many benefits to having houseplants
Have A Green Winter - Articles Articles

Have A Green Winter

Shirley Lindsay

There are many benefits to having houseplants, winter or summer. More
Photo credit: Margaret Stoddard
Enjoying Paperwhite Narcissus in Winter - Articles Articles
Paperwhite narcissus bulbs bloom easily indoors and do not require a cold season before blooming. Read on to discover multiple growing and display options for paperwhite narcissus. More
Winterberry holly Photo: Mike Masiuk, Penn State
Why Doesn't My Holly Have Berries? - Articles Articles
Lack of berries on holly is a common concern for home gardeners. This article identifies some of the reasons and possible solutions. More
Poinsettia ‘Ice Crystals’ Penn State Extension Master Gardener Program
Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus Care - Articles Articles
This article gives advice for prolonging the life and blooms of two popular holiday houseplants. More
Woody Plant Identification: Broadleaf Evergreens
Woody Plant Identification: Broadleaf Evergreens - Workshops Workshops
You’re invited to learn how broadleaf evergreen shrubs can add year-round structure, color, texture, and form to the landscape. More
Succulent Container Garden Workshop
Succulent Container Garden Workshop - Workshops Workshops
Enjoy succulent plants in your home and garden by learning about these low maintenance plants. More
Growing Orchids in Your Home
Growing Orchids in Your Home - Workshops Workshops
Discover how you can grow and enjoy the beauty of orchids in your own home. More
Photo credit: Laura Nicholas
Grow Your Own Lemons - Articles Articles

Grow Your Own Lemons

Laura Nicholas

Lemons can be grown as a container plant, even in Pennsylvania. Find out how to cultivate lemons from blossom to ripe fruit in this article. More
Short Perennials for the Urban Garden
Short Perennials for the Urban Garden - Workshops Workshops
Learn about different low growing perennials that you can use as edging, trim, or groundcovers. More
Growing Herbs
Growing Herbs - Workshops Workshops
Learn to grow and cook with herbs at home. More
Dwarf cherry tree after a snow fall
Winter Berries and Shrubs that Create Winter Interest - Workshops Workshops
Bradford/Sullivan County Free Public Class for July. More
Pollinator Garden
Spring Blooms: Small Trees and Native Perennials - Workshops Workshops
Learn about perennials you can plant in your own garden, and which plants have the highest ecological value. More
An African Marigold being grown at the proper pH. Photo: Tom Ford, Penn State
Milk is Not a Substitute for Flowable Lime Rescue Treatments - News News
Low media pH has been known to increase the risk of iron and manganese toxicity in some horticultural crops like geraniums and African marigolds. More
Removing the burlap prior to setting the balled tree. Photo: Tim Abbey, Penn State
Review of Successful Tree and Shrub Planting - News News
During my twenty-four year career, the most common tree problem that I encounter isn’t an insect or a disease—it is us. More
Seed Starting Workshop
Seed Starting Workshop - Workshops Workshops
How to start your own seeds at home. More
Picture credit: Lois Miklas
Shamrocks as Houseplants - Articles Articles
The houseplants commonly sold as shamrocks are actually members of the Oxalis genus. This article explains how Oxalis plants became known as shamrocks and how to care for Oxalis houseplants. More
Tillandsia are tucked into this winter arrangement. Photo credit: Carol Papas
Tillandsia (Air Plants) - Articles Articles
Air plants are finding a place in home decor. Care is not difficult if you understand how they grow in their natural environment. More
Cyclamen in bloom Photo credit: Carol Papas
Care and Culture of Winter Holiday Plants - Articles Articles
One of the nicest gifts of the winter holidays is a living, blooming plant. Learn how to care for these plants so that they become gifts that keep on giving. More
Winterberry fruit. Photo credit: Mike Masiuk
Shrubs and Trees for the Winter Landscape - Articles Articles
Look for trees and shrubs that could beautify your property and nurture wildlife during the winter months. More
Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Houseplant Selection - Articles Articles

Houseplant Selection

Dianne Machesney

New varieties of old-favorite houseplants are available. This article recommends plants that can thrive in a home environment. More
Photo credit: Lois Miklas
De-Icers and Plant Health - Articles Articles
Find out what effect winter de-icers can have on plants and which types are least harmful. More
Garden Sense Symposium
Garden Sense Symposium - Workshops Workshops
A Saturday morning of workshops to help gardeners cast off the winter blues and learn, plan, and prepare for the growing season. More
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