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Yield Estimation and Assessment in Field Corn
Yield Estimation and Assessment in Field Corn - News News
Now is a good time to assess corn yields. Our current corn crop looks good and yield estimates could provide some insight into differences between fields and hybrids. More
Burcucumber (Sicyos angulatus)
Managing Burcucumber and Late Season Weeds in Corn and Soybeans - News News
As we move into corn silage harvest season, and with full season soybeans soon dropping their leaves, producers may notice some problem weed situations. More
Dr. Greg Roth with ryegrass interseeded into corn.
Interseeding to Enhance and Extend Fall Grazing - News News
The greatest cost on grazing livestock enterprises is often stored and harvested feed costs. More
Figure 1. Gray Leaf Spot Photo credit: Alyssa Collins
Diseases to Look For In Corn - News News

Diseases to Look For In Corn


Current weather conditions are favorable for the development of corn leaf diseases, both old and new. More
Progression of Corn Kernal Milkline at 1/3
Late Season Corn Stalk Nitrate Test - News News
If your corn is at ¼ milk-line stage it isn’t too early to take samples for this test. More
Figure 1. Western bean cutworm egg mass on upper leaves of vegetative stage corn (Photo by Nicole Carutis, Penn State Extension)
Western Bean Cutworm - News News

Western Bean Cutworm


Western Bean Cutworm pest pressure may apparently be higher than in previous years. More
Corn Silking and Early Kernel Development
Corn Silking and Early Kernel Development - News News
Corn and soybeans have survived a rough spring with challenging weather and pest concerns. More
Figure 1. Corn leaf aphid. Photo by Del Voight, Penn State Extension, Lebanon County.
Corn Leaf Aphid: Learn from Others and Avoid Unnecessary Insecticides - News News
Corn Aphids have become a recent problem on some farms in Pennsylvania and are the result of imbalances of natural predators. More
Corn and Soybeans Turn the Corner
Corn and Soybeans Turn the Corner - News News
Corn and soybeans have survived a rough spring with weather and pest concerns, but weather and yield prospects have been improving during the last two weeks. More
A crowd gathers at a farm in Clinton County to discuss opportunities for managing soil health and planting green.
Planting Green and Soil Health the Focus of June Field Day - News News
Planting green is a practice where cover crop termination is delayed until cash crop planting in order to extend soil health benefits longer into the season. More
Midseason Weed Control Issues Midseason Weed Control Issues - News

Midseason Weed Control Issues


As we proceed through the growing season, there are a few issues surrounding weed control and herbicide use. Below are some items to consider. More
Timely Nitrogen Management Timely Nitrogen Management - News

Timely Nitrogen Management


With all of the rainfall that we have been seeing, here’s how you can ensure that your corn crop has enough nitrogen for the season. More
Control of Roundup Ready Corn: Replanting or Volunteers Control of Roundup Ready Corn: Replanting or Volunteers - News
Certain herbicides can be used to control traited volunteer corn varieties. Some suggestions are discussed below. More
Corn No-tilled into Bedded Pack Manure, Photo: Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State
I Used Manure; How Much Nitrogen Do I Need for My Corn? - News News
If you use manure, the amount of fertilizer nitrogen you apply at planting affects your pre-sidedress testing options later this spring. More
Planter Performance in No-till Planter Performance in No-till - News

Planter Performance in No-till


Poor planter performance is one of the major reasons for yield reduction in no-till. Take a few minutes to review this checklist to ensure optimum planter performance. More
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