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Dive Deeper Summit
Dive Deeper Summit - Conferences Conferences

Dive Deeper Summit


Harrisburg, PA

The Dive Deeper Summit is a gathering of youth water educators in the Mid-Atlantic Region where knowledge and resource sharing is paired with networking opportunities. More
Dairy Business Improvement & Planning Conference
Dairy Business Improvement & Planning Conference - Conferences Conferences

Dairy Business Improvement & Planning Conference


Grantville, PA

This event will help participants take a realistic look at their business, consider alternatives, and develop their own formula for success. More
2017 Childhood Agricultural Injuries Fact Sheet released
2017 Childhood Agricultural Injuries Fact Sheet released - News News
Every three days, a child dies in an agriculture-related incident More
Big Spring FFA
2017 Farm Safety and Health Quiz Bowl Finals - News News
At the Finals, FFA chapters and 4-H clubs throughout the state tested their knowledge during the final round of competition at the 2017 PA Farm Show. More
Blueberry Picking by Andrew Malone at - CC0 Public Domain
Blueberries: Little Blue Gems for Good Health - News News
It’s blueberry picking season. This is a great family activity that provides an opportunity for exercise, as well as a healthy food for your family to enjoy. More
Excessive vigor leads to poor calcium levels. Photo: Rob Crassweller
A Look Back on 2016 and Calcium Problems - News News
We heard and saw many problems with calcium deficiencies in commercial orchards this past year. More
Photo: T. Baugher, Penn State
Carbohydrate Model Results for May 30, 2017 - News News
This is the last run of the season. I suspect that fruit size is or soon will be too large to provide adequate response to thinner application. More
Photo: P. Landschoot, Penn State
Brown Ring Patch Active in Central PA - News News
In May, 2017, I received a call from a golf course in central PA about a disease producing yellow circular patches on annual bluegrass greens. More
Adult Allium Leafminer
Allium Leafminer Expected to Emerge in April - News News
The allium leafminer, Phytomyza gymnostoma, is a fly that originates from Poland, Germany, Austria and Spain, and was confirmed in 18 counties in Pennsylvania last year. More
Scholl Orchards location in Kempton, Pennsylvania
An Evening With Scholl Orchards - News News

An Evening With Scholl Orchards


The Lehigh Valley Study Circle Network began its 2017 season with a meeting hosted by Scholl Orchards, located in Bethlehem and Kempton PA. More
Canada Proposes Regulations to Limit Oil and Gas Methane Emissions - News News
Canada’s goal is to cut methane emissions from oil and gas facilities by 40-45% from 2012 levels by 2025. More
photo submitted by: Lenelle Roberts
A Well-Stocked Pantry Equals a Quick Meal on the Table - News News
Don’t forget to practice the nutrition challenge of “Putting your best fork forward.” Cooking at home with a well-stocked pantry will achieve this goal. More
Sneeze by Tina Franklin at CC0 Public Domain
Afflicted with Allergies? Eat this! - News News
Have you ever wondered if there is anything that you can simply consume as part of your meals that will benefit your allergy symptoms? More
Photo: R. Crassweller, Penn State
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Variability - News News
The reliability of the Cornell carbohydrate thinning model forecast is dependent on weather forecasts. More
10mm diameter fruit. Photo: R. Crassweller, Penn State
Cornell Carbohydrate Model Results for May 8, 2017 - News News
We are continuing to experience unusually cold weather across the state, and growers will need to continue to wait for a thinning window. More
Pictured: U.S. Rep Thompson with AgrAbility PA staff members Kendra Martin and Dr. Connie Baggett
Assistive Technology Matters: Gather in Washington, D.C. to Inform Legislators - News News
AgrAbility PA joined the National AgrAbility Project for a day of informing legislators, staffers, and legislative aides about the important and necessary role of assistive technology. More
Broad mites damage on bell pepper. Photo: Elsa Sánchez, Penn State
Broad Mites: An Example of Using Biocontrols for Management - News News
Broad mites are being observed more frequently on a variety of vegetable crops in the field, high tunnel, and greenhouse. More
Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences - News
Parent-teacher conferences are important for building relationships to support children’s development and increase home-school communication and family involvement in schools. More
DJ Mentlik, Brendan McNamara, Brian Roda, Tyrel Kling, Dan Morehouse, Christian Dominick, Keri Ford, Jena Griffin, Katy Flaherty, and Patrick Cullen. Not in the picture: Jude Liu, Doug Schaufler
ABE Students Visit JH Fletcher and Company Mining Manufacturer - News News
Biological Engineering and BioRenewable Systems students from the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering benefit from tour. More
Photo: Bryan Swistock, Penn State Univrsity
Drought Happens - Are You Ready? - News News
Drought is a regular occurrence somewhere in the United States, even here in Pennsylvania. More
Builder's Perspectives on High Efficiency Homes
Builder's Perspectives on High Efficiency Homes - News News
Part 3 in the series of articles on high efficiency houses More
AgrAbility Awards Prizes to FFA Chapters for Bridging Horizons
AgrAbility Awards Prizes to FFA Chapters for Bridging Horizons - News News
AgrAbility PA's inaugural Bridging Horizons Contest concluded this spring with two winners! More
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, based on PointLogic Energy
A Look at Natural Gas–fired Electricity Generation in 2017 - News News
This year, July 20th reached its highest daily level of natural gas used for electricity generation. More
The Equilifruit disc. Photo: J. Schupp, Penn State
Apple Thinning and Promoting Return Bloom - News News
It will soon be time to start hand thinning and applying return bloom sprays to apple orchards. More
This Advanced Torrefaction Systems pilot plant in Port Allegany is designed to manufacture high value biomass fuel
Wood Energy Team Looks at Big Picture - News News
Torrefaction and biochar potential pathways to wood energy development. More
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