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Photo credit: Andrew Sandeen
Risk Management for Reproduction Programs - Articles Articles
Risk management must address big-picture financial aspects; however, it is also relevant to specific areas of management, such as reproduction. More
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The Fat in Different Dairy Products - Articles Articles
Learn about the impact milk fat has on human health and how it differs between various dairy products. More
Alfalfa regrowth after the last summer cutting. Image Credit: Hanna Wells.
Potassium Management to Improve Alfalfa Winter Survival - Articles Articles
Proper potassium management in fall can improve winter survival of alfalfa. More
Manure storages that capture runoff from barn roofs or other impervious surfaces are likely to fill up sooner than expected due to the extreme rainfall this summer. Image credit: Charlie White
Manure Management When Storages Fill Up Sooner than Expected - News News
With the extreme rainfall over the last month, some farms may need to start emptying manure storages sooner than normal. Here are some points to consider when doing so. More
Nitrogen deficiency in corn, characterized by yellowing along the midrib of the lower leaves, starting at the leaf tip and moving towards the stalk. (Image credit: Charlie White)
What is the Potential for Nitrogen Losses from Extreme Summer Rainfall - Articles Articles
The severity of nitrogen losses from extreme summer rainfalls, and how you react to them, depends on many factors. More
Potassium deficiency on this corn crop is exhibited by yellowing and necrosis of the leaf edges in the lower part of the canopy. Image credit: Jeff Graybill
Scouting for Nutrient Deficiencies - Articles Articles
Regular visual inspections, paired with tissue testing, soil sampling, and some help from eyes in the sky, can help diagnose nutrient deficiencies in a growing crop. More
Corn in wet areas of this field is suffering from a nitrogen deficiency due to early season nitrogen losses. Photo credit: Charlie White
Is Your Nitrogen Still There? - News News

Is Your Nitrogen Still There?


With the cool and wet weather in many parts of the state, you might be wondering whether the nitrogen you applied to corn this spring has been lost. More
Urea granules treated with a urease inhibitor. Photo credit: Charlie White
Will Your Nitrogen Stabilizer be Effective? - Articles Articles
Nitrogen stabilizer products are valuable management tools to prevent losses of N fertilizer and increase N use efficiency by the crop. Knowing how these products work will you help you maximize their effectiveness. More
Photo credit: Patrick Drohan
Soil pH Affects Forage Production - Articles Articles

Soil pH Affects Forage Production

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., Charles White

Soil pH can be one of the greatest determinates of forage productivity and stand life. More
A field must have greater than 25% crop residue cover or a cover crop to be eligible for winter manure spreading, along with other restrictions. Photo credit: Charlie White
The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Manure Spreading - Articles Articles
If winter manure spreading is absolutely unavoidable, follow these requirements to do it legally. More
Can I Apply Potash in Winter?
Can I Apply Potash in Winter? - Articles Articles

Can I Apply Potash in Winter?

Charles White, Nicole Santangelo

Ensuring properly timed potassium applications where they are needed when conditions permit. More
Photo caption: Charlie White, PSU
Charlie White, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Extension Specialist - News News
The torch is passed in the soil fertility and nutrient management Extension program. More
Why Cows Don't Get Pregnant
Why Cows Don't Get Pregnant - Articles Articles

Why Cows Don't Get Pregnant

Andrew Sandeen

Dairy cows don't always conceive after the first insemination attempt. There are a variety of causes that may contribute to conception failure. More
Photo credit: Andrew Sandeen
More Progesterone, Please - Articles Articles

More Progesterone, Please

Andrew Sandeen

Progesterone is essential for normal reproductive cycling; it inhibits estrus and controls follicle growth. But, some high-producing dairy cows have too little in circulation. More
Characteristics of the Bovine Estrous Cycle
Characteristics of the Bovine Estrous Cycle - Videos Videos
This video introduces some of the key characteristics of the estrous cycle in cattle. More
Achieving High Soil Carbon Levels Survey
Achieving High Soil Carbon Levels Survey - News News
Do you want to learn how to achieve high soil carbon levels while preventing nitrate leaching and phosphorus runoff? More
Figure 5. Alternating row configuration is one strategy to manage competition between species in a mixture. Here forage radish alternates with Austrian winter pea.
Making the Most of Mixtures: Considerations for Winter Cover Crops - Articles Articles
This article discusses tailoring a cover crop mixture, building a complementary mix, determining which species to use, methods to establish mixtures, and considerations when terminating mixtures. More
Managing Soil Health: Concepts and Practices
Managing Soil Health: Concepts and Practices - Articles Articles

Managing Soil Health: Concepts and Practices

Charles White, Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D.

Information for farmers and gardeners who want to understand the physical, chemical, and biological components of healthy soil and how to manage them. More
Photo credit: Andrew Sandeen
Is 60 the Magic Number? - Articles Articles

Is 60 the Magic Number?

Andrew Sandeen

Factors to consider before shifting voluntary waiting period or dry period length. More
Rye Hairy Vetch. Photo: Elsa Sanchez
Growing Cover Crops for Nitrogen on Vegetable Farms - Articles Articles

Growing Cover Crops for Nitrogen on Vegetable Farms

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Charles White

There are a lot of good reasons for using covers crops on vegetable farms including recycling or adding nitrogen to the soil. More
Minimizing Interservice Intervals
Minimizing Interservice Intervals - Videos Videos

Minimizing Interservice Intervals

Andrew Sandeen


This video defines interservice intervals and provides suggestions for how to improve them to maximize reproductive efficiency and dairy herd profitability. More
Penn State Organic Crop Production Guide
Penn State Organic Crop Production Guide - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications

Penn State Organic Crop Production Guide

Charles White, Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D., William S. Curran, Ph.D.


From: $15.00

To: $35.00

Case studies of successful organic crop farmers in the Northeast and information on organic farming practices. More
Predicting Pregnancy Loss
Predicting Pregnancy Loss - Articles Articles

Predicting Pregnancy Loss

Andrew Sandeen

Diagnosing pregnancy early identifies open cows and can help minimize days open and increase profitability, but losing confirmed pregnancies can be very frustrating. More
Food is a central part of life in every culture. And eating with others is meaningful. The foods may be different, such as this ugali (corn porridge) and dried fish from Tanzania, but the significance of eating together isn’t.
Making the Most of Cross-Cultural Encounters - Articles Articles
Understanding differences between cultures can provide helpful insight for situations encountered everywhere in our increasingly global society, including common encounters on U.S. farms. More
Dealing with the Stubborn Corpus Luteum (CL) During a Timed AI Program
Dealing with the Stubborn Corpus Luteum (CL) During a Timed AI Program - Articles Articles
Some of the latest, greatest timed artificial insemination (AI) protocols have become pretty complex, but not without valid reasons. More
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