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The potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae, is a pest that is easy to overlook until the damage - called "hopperburn" - "burns" you. Photo: Penn State College of Agriculture
Vegetable - Small Fruit Current Issues: June 28 2018 - News News
Wet weather and variable temperatures across the state continue to be challenging for vegetable and berry production. More
USDA ARS Photo Unit, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Western and Northern Corn Rootworm Management in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
Corn rootworms have long been major economic pests in the United States. In Pennsylvania, corn rootworm damage has been sporadic, but increasing in recent years. More
Figure 1. Lodged corn seen from a distance.
Corn rootworms Suspected of Resistance to Bt Corn Varieties Discovered - Articles Articles
Western corn rootworms that developed resistance to some Bt corn varieties may now be a problem in PA. More
Hania Berdys,
Escarabajo de la Hoja De Cereales - Articles Articles
Es una plaga, ocasionalmente severa del trigo y la avena en Pennsylvania, pero también se alimenta de la cebada, el centeno y otras gramíneas. More
Corn Rootworm in Sweet Corn
Corn Rootworm in Sweet Corn - Articles Articles
When considering insect management in sweet corn at planting, the first question is: "Did you rotate?". More
Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Managing Western Corn Rootworm Resistance to Bt on the Fringe - Articles Articles
Farms with continuous corn production, and specifically fields planted to the same Bt year after year, are at most risk for developing resistant rootworm populations. More
Cereal Leaf Beetle
Cereal Leaf Beetle - Articles Articles
Cereal leaf beetle is an occasionally severe pest of wheat and oats in Pennsylvania, but it also feeds on barley, rye, and other grasses. More
Mourad Louadfel,
Keep an Eye Out for Cereal Leaf Beetle - Articles Articles
Scout now for infestations of cereal leaf beetle in small grain fields. The larval stage feeds on the leaves and fields appear white if heavily infested. More