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Home sales in Lehigh County, PA from
Start Farming: Finding Our Customers - News News
Ultimately, good sales is about listening and solving problems for our customers and, like everyone else, our customers have problems. More
Pricing Your Poultry
Pricing Your Poultry - Articles Articles

Pricing Your Poultry

Brian Moyer

Small-scale poultry producers who market their products directly to the consumer sometimes find the ever increasing prices of inputs, particularly the cost of feed, a challenge. More
Raising livestock for direct-to-consumer meat sales requires careful record keeping and analysis to determine profitable pricing.
How Much Should You Charge? Pricing Your Meat Cuts - Articles Articles
Pricing meat for direct-to-consumer sales. More
Choosing the Right Market Channel
Choosing the Right Market Channel - Articles Articles
Diversified farming means being experts in production and having a market for each product. How we plan to sell our products is just as important as deciding how we will grow them. More
How surveyed consumers were categorized based on their involvement in "sustainability."
Do Your Products Meet Your Customers' Values? - Articles Articles
Many times when we introduce our products to the marketplace, we don't think about how our potential customers will view the product. More
Finding and Keeping your CSA Members
Finding and Keeping your CSA Members - Articles Articles
Think about who your ideal Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member is. Find them and keep them. More
Getting Ready for Farmers Market Season
Getting Ready for Farmers Market Season - Articles Articles
Here are some tips for preparing for market season. More
Power of Pricing!
Power of Pricing! - Articles Articles

Power of Pricing!

Brian Moyer

Understanding our cost structure and desired margin helps us identify appropriate pricing methods and their relationship to profitability. More