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"Week Old Chicks" by Jack Berry
Respiratory Diseases in Small Poultry Flocks - Articles Articles

Respiratory Diseases in Small Poultry Flocks

Eva Wallner-Pendleton, DVM, MS, ACPV

Poultry respiratory symptoms have many potential causes, some more serious than others. More
milk-spilt-white-glass-spill-1543193 by ponce_photography. CC0
Dairy Outlook: September 2018 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: September 2018

Robert C. Goodling, Jr., David L. Swartz, Claudia Schmidt, Ph.D., Virginia A. Ishler, Timothy Beck

Milk prices remain on the low side of a four-year modest price range. Monitoring a producer's individual price regularly is vital to see trends and potential opportunities at the farm level. More
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Efficient Data Use Key to Maximizing Advisory Team Efforts - Articles Articles
Monitoring too many metrics can limit a team's discussion of current issues. Prioritize key data to make the best use of your team resources. More
Photo credit: John Tyson
Feed Bunk Management - Articles Articles

Feed Bunk Management

John Tyson

Fine-tune feed management by making sure that every group has access to feed when they return from milking. More
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The Fat in Different Dairy Products - Articles Articles
Learn about the impact milk fat has on human health and how it differs between various dairy products. More
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Butyrate Addition in Calf Milk Replacer - Articles Articles

Butyrate Addition in Calf Milk Replacer

Jud Heinrichs, Ali Chishti

Feeding butyrate can help jump start rumen development, especially in calves that have not started eating much grain. More
Photo credit: Cassie Yost
Managing Heat Stress and Fly Control in Young Calves - Articles Articles
Explore ways to address two of the main issues affecting calf health and comfort during summer months. More
Dairy Sense: Getting Those Extra Pounds of Milk
Dairy Sense: Getting Those Extra Pounds of Milk - Articles Articles
Focus on the first 100 days of lactation to find and fix bottlenecks that are limiting milk production. More
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Dairy Sense: What Is Soil Health? - Articles Articles

Dairy Sense: What Is Soil Health?

Virginia A. Ishler

Soil health affects soil fertility and production potential, which affects crop yields, quality, and production costs. More
Photo credit: Adrian Barragan
Earning the Trust of Hispanic Dairy Employees - Articles Articles
A friendly, trusted work environment can make the difference when trying to attract and retain Hispanic employees. More
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Do Your Cows Know How You Feel About Them? - Articles Articles
Handling, transportation, environment, feed, interactions with other animals, and interactions with humans can stress cattle. Do our attitudes influence factors that can affect profitability? More
photo: AAAP
Marek's Disease in Chickens - Articles Articles

Marek's Disease in Chickens

Eva Wallner-Pendleton, DVM, MS, ACPV, Gregory P Martin, Ph.D., PAS

Marek’s Disease is by far one of the most common illnesses in small flocks and not treatable once the clinical signs have begun. Yet, it is one of the most preventable illnesses using vaccination. More
Hand-held instruments are used to document conditions and performance of environment in animal facilities [source: E. Fabian]
Evaluating Air Quality in Livestock Housing Environments - Articles Articles
This publication focuses on important aspects of evaluating and troubleshooting farm animal housing environment and ventilation system performance. More
Sow and Piglet, A.K. Butters-Johnson, Iowa State University
Reproduction in Swine - Understanding the Estrous Cycle for Herd Management - Articles Articles
Understanding timing within the pig estrous cycle is essential to improving the reproductive success of your sow herd. More
photo credit: Greg Martin
National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) Biosecurity Planning - Articles Articles
A formal plan for biosecurity is being directed by USDA/NPIP that will eventually lead to audits for those farms participating in this program. A NPIP biosecurity plan would augment a farm's overall HPAI control program. More
Flooding around your home and on the farm could be leading to issues you need to address. Image Credit: Jennifer Fetter
After the Flood – Recovery Considerations for Rural Pennsylvanians - Articles Articles

After the Flood – Recovery Considerations for Rural Pennsylvanians

Jennifer R Fetter, Leon Ressler, Andy Yencha

Parts of Pennsylvania were drenched with heavy rains and flooded streams recently. In addition to drying out wet basements, there are few important things that rural Pennsylvanian’s might want to pay special attention to. More
Grow-finish pigs, photo credit: Elizabeth Hines
Keeping Pigs Cool in the Summer Heat - Articles Articles
Practicing some seasonal tips along with good husbandry can reduce the impact of heat stress on swine herd performance. More
Have a Horse or Steer in Your Backyard? You Need a Manure Management Plan
Have a Horse or Steer in Your Backyard? You Need a Manure Management Plan - Articles Articles
Recently revised Pennsylvania environmental regulations require all animal operations, large and small, to have either a Manure Management Plan or a Nutrient Management Plan. More
Paddock with Run-in shed
Horse Farm Design: An Agricultural Engineering Approach - Articles Articles

Horse Farm Design: An Agricultural Engineering Approach

Eileen E. Fabian (Wheeler), Ph.D.

Research-based information for the planning and construction of well-designed equestrian facilities. More
Resources for Ventilation of Livestock Housing
Resources for Ventilation of Livestock Housing - Articles Articles

Resources for Ventilation of Livestock Housing

Eileen E. Fabian (Wheeler), Ph.D.

Information on Ventilation systems available at Penn State More
Rotational Grazing, photo by Carey Williams
How to Make Rotational Grazing Work on Your Horse Farm - Articles Articles
Rotational grazing can provide more feed for your horses than continuous grazing- but only if you know how to do it right. More
Photo credit: Dan McFarland
Is Calving Stressful in Dairy Cows? - Articles Articles

Is Calving Stressful in Dairy Cows?

Adrian A Barragan, DVM, MS, Ph.D.

Pain, inflammation, and stress during the transition period can negatively affect the well-being and performance of dairy cows during early lactation. More
Photo credit: MC1 Daniel Hinton, USN (6),
Antibiotic Stewardship: Can It Really Save Your Dairy Money? - Articles Articles
Improving animal health offers a rewarding way to reduce antibiotic use. More
Photo credit: Shannon Wingert
Recognizing Mental Health Disorders - Articles Articles
Information on how to recognize signs of poor mental health and resources for help and support. More
Photo credit: Mat Haan
Dairy Sense: Feed Costs—The Big Player in Profitability - Articles Articles
Keeping feed costs in line with milk production can help you maintain a competitive margin, and there are several ways to achieve this goal. More
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