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Photo credit: Lois Miklas
Garden Bargain or Bust? - Articles Articles

Garden Bargain or Bust?

Lisa Marie Bernardo

How do you know if that clearance plant is a bargain or a waste of money? Follow these steps to assure that your bargain purchase will survive the winter and thrive next spring. More
Photo credit: Katja Schulz from Washington, D.C., USA
Mountain Laurel - Articles Articles

Mountain Laurel

Joan Jubela

Discover the fact and folklore behind mountain laurel, Pennsylvania's state flower. More
Beautyberry CC0
Fall Shrubs and Trees - Articles Articles

Fall Shrubs and Trees

Mary Ann Ryan

This article discusses some lesser-known shrubs and trees with beautiful fall color. More
Tree of heaven leaves. Credit: Bigstock
Tree-of-Heaven - Articles Articles


David R. Jackson

Tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima) also known as ailanthus, Chinese sumac, and stinking sumac is a rapidly growing, deciduous tree native to a region extending from China south to Australia. Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive pest, is particularly attracted to Tree-of-heaven. More
Photo: Holly Raguza, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
How You Can Comply with the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Regulations - Articles Articles
Some tips to help you avoid spreading Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) and be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) regulations. More
Figure 1. Desiccation injury on fine fescue fairway in Wisconsin. Photo: Peter Landschoot, Penn State
Winterkill of Turfgrasses - Articles Articles

Winterkill of Turfgrasses

Peter Landschoot, Ph.D.

Bitter cold and icy conditions during winter sometimes lead to the death of turfgrasses on golf courses, lawns, and sports turf. More
Photo credit: Sandy Michaels
The Child-Friendly Garden - Articles Articles
Looking for ways to get children outdoors and away from the computer and TV? This article offers great suggestions to get children involved in gardening. More
Dead spotted lanternfly at the base of a treated tree. Photo by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Treating Black Walnuts with Insecticides for Spotted Lanternfly Control - Articles Articles
Recommendations for safe pesticide applications to control spotted lanternfly infestations. More
An adult spotted lanternfly. Photo by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Avoid Home Remedies to Control Spotted Lanternfly - Articles Articles
Untested homemade solutions may harm people, pets and plants. Their use can be unsafe and illegal. More
Hyacinth bulbs should be planted in fall. Photo credit: Hershey Gardens
Plant Bulbs in the Fall for a Spring Celebration - Articles Articles
For a beautiful spring display, you should plan to plant bulbs in fall. Find out how to select, plant and care for bulbs in your garden. More
Photo credit: Lois Miklas
Is Fall for Planting? - Articles Articles

Is Fall for Planting?

Lois Miklas

We frequently see the suggestion that autumn is a good time to plant. This article offers a look at what can be planted in fall and precautions to take when planting at this time of year. More
New York ironweed. Photo credit: Mary Alice Koeneke
Native Perennials for Fall - Articles Articles

Native Perennials for Fall

Mary Alice Koeneke

Pollinators need pollen and nectar all season long. This article discusses beautiful plants that offer support to pollinators well into fall. More
Coneflowers (Echinacea) can be divided. Photo credit: Lois Miklas
A Guide to Dividing Perennials - Articles Articles

A Guide to Dividing Perennials

Pamela T. Hubbard

One of the gardener’s most rewarding tasks is dividing perennials. Not only is it an easy way to acquire more plants, but it helps them stay vigorous and healthy. More
Updated Insecticide Recommendations for Spotted Lanternfly on Tree Fruit
Updated Insecticide Recommendations for Spotted Lanternfly on Tree Fruit - Articles Articles
Insecticide recommendations for spotted lanternfly in tree fruit, updated August 2018. More
Spotted Lanternfly: What to Look For
Spotted Lanternfly: What to Look For - Articles Articles
Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, is a new threat to Pennsylvania and the United States, and experts are still learning how to combat it. More
Spotted lanternfly feeding on grapevine. Image by Erica Smyers.
Updated Insecticide Recommendations for Spotted Lanternfly on Grape - Articles Articles
Insecticide recommendations for spotted lanternfly in grape, updated August 2018. More
Photo credit: Alyssa Collins
Preserving Your Tomato Harvest - Articles Articles
In late summer many gardeners enjoy a bountiful tomato harvest. This article explores the options for preserving this versatile vegetable. More
Photo credit: Debby Luquette
Fall-Migrating Monarchs - Articles Articles

Fall-Migrating Monarchs

Debby Luquette

The monarch butterfly is known for its long migration journey to Mexico. You can help support monarch populations by adding host plants and nectar sources to your garden. More
Coreopsis. Photo credit: Mark Krotulski
Great Plants for Fall Color - Articles Articles

Great Plants for Fall Color

Connie Holland

This article describes a number of flowers and foliage plants that do not typically come to mind when we think of autumn color. More
Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Gardening Facts and Fiction - Articles Articles

Gardening Facts and Fiction

Pamela T. Hubbard

Some gardening rules are myths: misconceptions passed down through the ages. This article takes a look at the real truth behind some common, but misguided, garden beliefs. More
Jumping Earthworm (Amynthas spp.) Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Look Out for Jumping Earthworms! - Articles Articles
An aggressive Asian earthworm is negatively impacting our gardens and ecosystem. Find out how to recognize this invasive species and help limit its spread. More
The Chinese chestnut tree in full bloom can be very attractive. Photo: Tom Butzler, Penn State
Trees in the Landscape: The Stinkers - Articles Articles
We place trees and shrubs in the landscape for a variety of reasons; fall color, flowers, shade, winter interest, and fruiting characteristics. And let’s not forget the smell. More
Spotted Lanternfly Grape Pest Alert
Spotted Lanternfly Grape Pest Alert - Articles Articles

Spotted Lanternfly Grape Pest Alert

Heather L Leach, Michela Centinari, Ph.D.

This fact sheet provides identification, damage, quarantine, and management information for the spotted lanternfly, an invasive sap-feeding planthopper that feeds on the vine trunk, shoots, and leaves of grape plants, among other crops. More
Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Understanding Garden Terminology - Articles Articles
As you shop for plants and seeds, understanding plant terminology will help you make better choices. This article explains some of the more common terms you will find in catalogs and at nurseries. More
Photo credit: F.D. Richards CC BY-SA 2.0
Orienpet Lilies are Show-Stoppers in the Garden - Articles Articles
Orienpet, or OT, lilies combine the best characteristics of Oriental and trumpet lilies. This article discusses their care along with recommended cultivars and companions. More
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