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Mowing the sudex cover crop at the blueberry site at Five Elements Farm. The sudex was sown to compete against weeds, and was incorporated to add organic matter to the soil. Photo by J. Bozzelli.
Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm - Articles Articles

Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm

Marley E Skinner, Robert Pollock, Mike Basedow

Consider diversifying your farm by adding small fruit like blueberries or strawberries. More
'Abion' strawberries and 'Polka' (left) and 'Josephine' raspberries (right) at Penn State's High Tunnel facility.
Growing Raspberries and Strawberries in Containers - Articles Articles
Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) High and Low Tunnel Berry Project Update #1—information on growing strawberries and raspberries in containers. More
Paper wasps typically build their nest in high protected structures such as house or barn eaves.
Should Growers Befriend Wasps? - Articles Articles
Small fruit and vegetable growers understand the role that honeybees, bumblebees, and solitary bees play in pollination of crops. More
Different dormant plant sizes. Photo: K. Demchak, Penn State
Strawberry Establishment - Planting and Other Basics - Articles Articles
A successful strawberry planting hinges on getting the basics right at planting time. If you can pay attention to the basics, you are well on your way to having a vigorous planting. More
Louis Tedders, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Tarnished Plant Bug - Articles Articles
Plant bugs are a large, diverse family of insects that feed by sucking sap from plants, especially parts with high rates of cell division like buds and flowers. More
Pest Alert - Omnivorous Leafroller
Pest Alert - Omnivorous Leafroller - Articles Articles
The omnivorous leafroller has recently been confirmed in a greenhouse in Pennsylvania. Your assistance is needed in monitoring this pest indoors and outdoors in Pennsylvania. More
Slugs on Strawberries
Slugs on Strawberries - Articles Articles
Although slugs are not insects, they can cause considerable damage that is not unlike insect damage. More
Spider Mites on Strawberries
Spider Mites on Strawberries - Articles Articles
The spider mites, Tetranychus spp., especially the twospotted spider mite, frequently attack strawberry plants. More
University of Georgia Plant Pathology, University of Georgia,
Strawberry Bud Weevil or Strawberry Clipper - Articles Articles
The strawberry bud weevil, Anthonomus signatus (Say), is one of the state's most destructive strawberry pests. More
Natalie Hummel, Louisiana State University AgCenter,
Strawberry Sap Beetle - Articles Articles
The strawberry sap beetle is small, oval, and less than 1/8 inch long. More
Russ Ottens, University of Georgia,
Tarnished Plant Bug and Other True Bugs on Strawberries - Articles Articles
This inconspicuous sucking plant bug is a general feeder attacking a great variety of cultivated and wild plants. More
Cheryl Moorehead,
Meadow Spittlebug on Strawberries in Home Fruit Plantings - Articles Articles
Nymphs of the meadow spittlebug, Philaenus spumarius (L.), are small, orange to green insects enclosed in white, frothy, irregular masses 1/2 inch or more in diameter. More
Photo: Rich Marini
Strawberry Cultivars - An Historical View - Articles Articles
Do you think older strawberry cultivars tasted better than the newer cultivars? More
NJ 9-2-1 (trialed as NJ 3) was a high-yielding and excellent flavored variety but the berry shape is not typical. Photo: Tim Elkner
Strawberry Cultivars for Plasticulture - Articles Articles

Strawberry Cultivars for Plasticulture

Kathy Demchak, Timothy Elkner

We collected data on performance of strawberry cultivars in the second harvest year of a plasticulture planting. More
Strawberry Disease Photos - Angular Leaf Spot Bacterium
Strawberry Disease Photos - Angular Leaf Spot Bacterium - Articles Articles
Angular leaf spot is caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas fragariae. More
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