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Peach Crop Load Management: Blossom Thinning and Fruit Size
Peach Crop Load Management: Blossom Thinning and Fruit Size - Articles Articles

Peach Crop Load Management: Blossom Thinning and Fruit Size

Tara Baugher, James Schupp, Ph.D., Paul Heinemann, Ph.D.

Many growers are hesitant to thin peaches at bloom because they fear the chance of bud loss to frost at this early stage of development. More
Tyvek® tree guard. Photo: Rob Crassweller
Orchard Weed Control - Protection of Tree Trunks - Articles Articles
Some of the burn-down herbicides have been implicated as possible causes of damage to young tree trunks that have green tissue on portions of the lower trunk. More
Quad V. Photo: Edwin Winzeler, Penn State
Peach Tree Pruning: Trials, Tribulations, and Looking to the Future - Articles Articles
The ideal peach training system would be productive and pedestrian, precocious and produce high quality, well-colored red fruits. More
Peach Disorders - Skin Damage
Peach Disorders - Skin Damage - Articles Articles

Peach Disorders - Skin Damage

Robert Crassweller, Ph.D.

Skin damage has been a problem in packed stone fruit in some years but it has been somewhat erratic here in PA. More
Ambrosia fruit. Photo: R. Crassweller, Penn State
Orchard Nutrition: Determining Orchard Fertility Needs - Articles Articles
The Mid-Atlantic region is blessed with an abundant supply of good fertile soils that can produce high quality deciduous fruit. More
Bacterial spot on peach fruit. Photo by S. Bardsley.
Stone Fruit Disease - Bacterial Spot, Refining Disease Management - Articles Articles
Bacterial spot, Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni, is a difficult disease to manage. More
Tree Fruit Team Outreach
Tree Fruit Team Outreach - Articles Articles

Tree Fruit Team Outreach

Tara Baugher

Team accomplishment report for 2016. More
Louis Tedders, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Tarnished Plant Bug - Articles Articles
Plant bugs are a large, diverse family of insects that feed by sucking sap from plants, especially parts with high rates of cell division like buds and flowers. More
Pest Alert - Omnivorous Leafroller
Pest Alert - Omnivorous Leafroller - Articles Articles
The omnivorous leafroller has recently been confirmed in a greenhouse in Pennsylvania. Your assistance is needed in monitoring this pest indoors and outdoors in Pennsylvania. More
Brown marmorated stink bug
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug - Articles Articles

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Michael J. Skvarla

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) was first collected in September of 1998 in Allentown, but probably arrived several years earlier. More
Fruit Tree Propagation - Grafting and Budding
Fruit Tree Propagation - Grafting and Budding - Articles Articles
This article provides information on a few successful propagation methods that can be used on fruit trees. More
The Home Fruit Garden - Getting Started
The Home Fruit Garden - Getting Started - Articles Articles
Home fruit gardening offers many benefits—exercise, enjoyment, a supply of delicious fruits, enhancement of the home landscape, and a truly educational experience. More
Soil testing throughout the project helps determine if any soil amendments are needed. Photo: Kristi Kraft
Start Farming: Establishing Farmers Prepare Fields for Fruit Trees - Articles Articles
"Models for the Future" demonstration plots showcase best management practices for producers in the establishing years of developing their farm enterprises. More
Gerald Holmes, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo,
Home Orchards: Table 2.4. Plant Protection Materials - Articles Articles
Informational table showing pesticides available for home garden use on various fruit crops. More
Home Fruit Gardens: Table 1.1. Fertilizer Equivalents
Home Fruit Gardens: Table 1.1. Fertilizer Equivalents - Articles Articles
Use this table to determine the equivalent amounts of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash of each fertilizer material. More
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