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Left: gray mold; right: anthracnose fruit rot.
Strawberry Disease - Fruit Rot Protection Begins at Bloom - Articles Articles
Our two main targets for bloom time protection of strawberries are gray mold/ Botrytis fruit rot, and, if you are growing susceptible varieties like Chandler, anthracnose fruit rot. More
Source: A Jones.
Pear Disease - Pear Leaf Spot Fungus - Articles Articles
The pear leaf spot fungus, Mycosphaerella pyri, infects the leaves of pear, quince, and occasionally apple trees. Numerous leaf spots can produce defoliation. More
Source: Edward Sikora, Auburn University,
Strawberry Disease - Leaf Spots - Articles Articles
A wide array of leaf spots infect strawberries, including birds-eye leaf spot, black leaf spot, septoria leaf spot, cercospora leaf spot, alternaria leaf spot, red spot, and angular leaf spot. More
Photo by Kathy Demchak.
Strawberry Disease - Anthracnose - Articles Articles
Anthracnose, caused by species in the genus Colletotrichum, can manifest as a fruit rot, crown rot, and/or leaf spots, as well as lesions on petioles and runner stolons. More