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Adding value takes countless forms.
Marketing Value Added Products - Articles Articles
Designing and implementing effective strategies for value-added marketing depends on significant effort. The tasks getting farm products to a consumer offer multiple opportunities to grow a business. More
Adding value is about exceeding buyer expectation.
Value Added - What, Why, How? - Articles Articles
Sometimes I feel as though value-added is promoted as a certain road to success. To maintain and grow an economically viable business we would expect profitability. Value-added is not a risk-free path to achieving profits. More
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2018 Food Flavor Trends - Articles Articles

2018 Food Flavor Trends

Molly Berntsen, Heather E. Manzo

Using these previews early in the market season can assist with seed selection and inspire seasonal flavors for all manner of value added goods, farm markets and farmers markets! More
Listening to Your Customers: Surveys
Listening to Your Customers: Surveys - Articles Articles
Surveys are one of the most common ways to gather information from customers, and are particularly useful in understanding your customers. More
Marketing to Professional Chefs
Marketing to Professional Chefs - Articles Articles

Marketing to Professional Chefs

Kathy Kelley, Ph.D.

Recent statistics indicate that marketing to restaurant chefs is a viable option for growers. More