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Adding value takes countless forms.
Marketing Value Added Products - Articles Articles
Designing and implementing effective strategies for value-added marketing depends on significant effort. The tasks getting farm products to a consumer offer multiple opportunities to grow a business. More
Olga Krig /
Marketing Your Value-Added Dairy Products - Articles Articles
Marketing can be a challenging aspect of operating an artisan or farmstead dairy. Farmstead dairy processors must stay up-to-date on marketing factors including consumer trends, the competition, market outlets and pricing. More
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Are You Pricing Your Custom Services Correctly? - Articles Articles
The prices you set for your services should move you toward achieving your long-term business goals. At the same time, consider how you are looking to position yourself in the business landscape. More
Mapping your demographics will help you spend your marketing budget wisely.
Marketing Research Basics: Identifying Your Target Market - Articles Articles
If you plan on direct marketing of your farm products, marketing research plays a crucial role in the development of a marketing strategy and plan. More
Cucumber Production - Articles Articles

Cucumber Production

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Francesco Di Gioia, Ph. D., Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Michael Orzolek, Ph.D., Steve Bogash

Multiple markets exist for growers with fewer than 5 acres, and many field operations, such as land preparation, planting, and harvesting, can be custom hired. More
Photo by Heather Manzo
Non-Grain Ag Inputs for the Local Craft Beverage Industry - Articles Articles
Learn about growing alternative agricultural inputs for the local craft beverage industry in western PA. More
Photo by Heather Manzo
Value of Growing for the Local Craft Beverage Industry - Articles Articles
What is the value to farmers of growing inputs for the local craft beverage industry in western PA? More
Adding value is about exceeding buyer expectation.
Value Added - What, Why, How? - Articles Articles
Sometimes I feel as though value-added is promoted as a certain road to success. To maintain and grow an economically viable business we would expect profitability. Value-added is not a risk-free path to achieving profits. More
First Steps to a Marketing Strategy
First Steps to a Marketing Strategy - Articles Articles
As a small or beginning farmer, marketing takes on a special importance as you’re likely unable to rely on past relationships with consumers or the ability to produce large quantities for buyers. More
Good Roots Farm está bordeada por una calle muy transitada y muchos edificios. Foto: Francesco Di Gioia, Extensión de Penn State
En el Camino: Agricultura Urbana en Philadelphia - Articles Articles

En el Camino: Agricultura Urbana en Philadelphia

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Francesco Di Gioia, Ph. D., Robert Berghage, Ph.D., Thomas McCann

Ayer viajamos a Philadelphia para visitar fincas urbanas. More
Nice Roots Farm is bordered by a busy street and many buildings. Photo: Francesco Di Gioia, Penn State
On the Road: Urban Agriculture in Philadelphia - Articles Articles

On the Road: Urban Agriculture in Philadelphia

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Thomas McCann, Francesco Di Gioia, Ph. D., Robert Berghage, Ph.D.

The Extension On the Road crew traveled to Philadelphia to meet farmers and their community partners and get a look at how farming is used to build community, as educational spaces, and to produce food in urban areas. More
Early peaches. Photo: Don Seifrit, Penn State
Peaches: Harvest and Postharvest Handling - Articles Articles
Peach cultivars have different markers of quality at harvest that determine readiness to be picked, but all cultivars should be harvested in a fashion that allows for the best taste and storability. More
A market for local barley exists. Can it be profitable?
Exploring the Feasibility of Growing Malt Barley in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles
While the growth in demand for locally sourced farm products seems to continue the complexity of a new market should be explored. More
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2018 Food Flavor Trends - Articles Articles

2018 Food Flavor Trends

Molly Berntsen, Heather E. Manzo

Using these previews early in the market season can assist with seed selection and inspire seasonal flavors for all manner of value added goods, farm markets and farmers markets! More
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Customer Acquisition: What You Need To Know - Articles Articles

Customer Acquisition: What You Need To Know

Molly Berntsen, Heather E. Manzo

When it comes to customer acquisition and customer retention rates, it is worth the time to learn a few basic principles! More
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Find Your Niche: Cultivating Customers that Share Your Passion for Your Business - Articles Articles
Every business needs a market-driven strategy to identify, target and reach customers looking for the unique attributes found in its products and services. More
Attractive displays enhance sales.
Creating Effective Displays - Articles Articles
Retail marketing is an art form as well as a science. Customers use all their senses when making purchasing decisions. More
Marketing is the management function generating revenue.
Retail Farm Market - Pricing - Articles Articles
The attraction of moving up the market channel is obvious. One of the challenges is an effective pricing strategy. More
How do we combine land, labor and capital?
What is "Business Management'? - Articles Articles
The basic resources at the manager’s disposal are land, labor, capital (buildings, machinery, equipment, livestock, cash, credit) and management. More
Effective grain marketing is about confidence.
A Few Concepts on Marketing Commodity Grains - Articles Articles
Enhanced confidence in the ability to effectively market grain typically comes with a continuous exploration of concepts, market trends and historical information. More
Tree Fruit Budget Tools
Tree Fruit Budget Tools - Articles Articles

Tree Fruit Budget Tools

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime

Every two years the faculty and extension personnel update the Penn State Tree Fruit Production Guide. Within the Guide are budgets for tree fruit production. More
Nitrogen deficiency symptoms on peach, which can be prevented by leaf analysis and block-specific fertilization.
Orchard Nutrition: An Overview - Articles Articles

Orchard Nutrition: An Overview

Robert Crassweller, Ph.D.

Nutritional requirements of fruit trees differ from those of agronomic crops, cover crops, and orchard sod. More
Zenik Crespo (back, right) assists Hispanic participants as they identify weeds at Johnston’s Everygreen Nursery in Erie. Photo: L. Follett, Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery
Bilingual Workshops Teach Integrated Weed Management - Articles Articles
Penn State Extension has developed new resources for weed management and is beginning to offer bilingual training opportunities. More
Mowing the sudex cover crop at the blueberry site at Five Elements Farm. The sudex was sown to compete against weeds, and was incorporated to add organic matter to the soil. Photo by J. Bozzelli.
Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm - Articles Articles

Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm

Marley E Skinner, Robert Pollock, Mike Basedow

Consider diversifying your farm by adding small fruit like blueberries or strawberries. More
Photo by Heather Manzo
Direct Marketing - Where to Begin - Articles Articles
Tips and important considerations when it comes to direct marketing for your farm. More
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