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Succulent Container Garden Workshop
Succulent Container Garden Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Succulent Container Garden Workshop


West Chester, PA

Enjoy succulent plants in your home and garden by learning about these low maintenance plants. More
Before beginning their fall migration to Mexico, monarchs store up food from nectar-producing plants, such as this black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta). Photo credit: Debby Luquette
Fall-Migrating Monarchs - Articles Articles

Fall-Migrating Monarchs

Debby Luquette

The monarch butterfly is known for its long migration journey to Mexico. You can help support monarch populations by adding host plants and nectar sources to your garden. More
Courtesy of USDA: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Make-it-Yourself Pizza - Articles Articles

Make-it-Yourself Pizza

Mandel Smith, MS

What can beat having a pizza delivered right to your door in minutes? How about having a hot, healthy, delicious, pizza right from your oven in even less time. More
Coreopsis. Photo credit: Mark Krotulski
Great Plants for Fall Color - Articles Articles

Great Plants for Fall Color

Connie Holland

This article describes a number of flowers and foliage plants that do not typically come to mind when we think of autumn color. More
Growing Orchids in Your Home
Growing Orchids in Your Home - Workshops Workshops

Growing Orchids in Your Home


Chambersburg, PA

Discover how you can grow and enjoy the beauty of orchids in your own home. More
Learn How to Split and Separate Perennials
Learn How to Split and Separate Perennials - Workshops Workshops

Learn How to Split and Separate Perennials


Montoursville, PA

Learn how to divide perennials and bring some home! More
Photo credit: Nancy Knauss
Gardening Facts and Fiction - Articles Articles

Gardening Facts and Fiction

Pamela T. Hubbard

Some gardening rules are myths: misconceptions passed down through the ages. This article takes a look at the real truth behind some common, but misguided, garden beliefs. More
Poda en la Huerta - Consejos de Seguridad
Poda en la Huerta - Consejos de Seguridad - Articles Articles

Poda en la Huerta - Consejos de Seguridad

Linda Fetzer, Tara Baugher

Después de una temporada de cosecha ocupada, todavía hay varios trabajos por hacer y uno de esos trabajos importantes es la poda. More
Poco después de que el crecimiento del árbol comience, remueva cuidadosamente los 3 brotes debajo del líder para eliminar competencia de crecimiento con el líder. Photo: Tara Baugher
Establecimiento de la Huerta - Puntos Básicos para Plantíos Nuevos - Articles Articles
La formación oportuna de árboles y la gestión integrada de árboles recién plantados garantizarán el éxito y la rentabilidad de manzanos de alta densidad. More
Diferentes tamaños de plantas inactivas. Foto: K. Demchak, Penn State
Establecimiento de Fresas - Principios Básicos - Articles Articles
Una plantación de fresa exitosa depende de que los principios básicos se apliquen correctamente en el momento de la siembra. Prestar atención a lo básico, lo llevará por el mejor camino para tener una plantación vigorosa. More
Preparación del sitio para un plantío “Modelo del futuro” en el Condado Adams, PA. Foto: Tara Baugher
Siembra de Sudangrass Después de la Eliminación del Huerto - Articles Articles
En las parcelas comerciales, hemos aprendiendo que el sudangrass es un excelente primer paso para el éxito al replantar si recientemente sacó un bloque de árboles frutales viejos. More
Manejo de Vida Salvaje en la Huerta-Roedores
Manejo de Vida Salvaje en la Huerta-Roedores - Articles Articles

Manejo de Vida Salvaje en la Huerta-Roedores

Robert Crassweller, Ph.D., Tara Baugher

Las poblaciones de roedores muestran fluctuaciones distintivas de la población de aproximadamente 4 ciclos anuales. More
Mid-ear cutworm injury resulting in subsequent ear mold infection by several pathogens. Image credit: G. Roth
Avoiding Mycotoxins in Grain Corn and Silage - Articles Articles

Avoiding Mycotoxins in Grain Corn and Silage

Alyssa Collins, Ph.D., Paul D. Esker, Adriana Murillo-Williams

Toxins caused by fungi are a real concern in grain corn and silage. Is there anything we can do about it? More
Handwashing Poster
Handwashing Poster - Articles Articles

Handwashing Poster

Martin Bucknavage

Poster provides instructions on the proper handwashing techniques. In spanish and english. More
Mercer County Twilight Tour
Mercer County Twilight Tour - Workshops Workshops

Mercer County Twilight Tour


Grove City, PA

Join us for a twilight tour to help prepare our fields for harvest. More
Timber Market Report: 2018 2nd Quarter
Timber Market Report: 2018 2nd Quarter - Articles Articles

Timber Market Report: 2018 2nd Quarter

Charles David Ray, Ph.D.

Timber stumpage and pulpwood prices in Pennsylvania, for the second quarter of 2018. April - June 2018. More
Figure 1. Wax moth larvae killed by Metarhizium infection. Metarhizium spores contact, germinate, infect, and ultimately kill insect pests. Photo credit: Nick Sloff, Penn State Department of Entomology
Managing a Beneficial Soil Fungus for Insect Control - Articles Articles

Managing a Beneficial Soil Fungus for Insect Control

Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D., Imtiaz Ahmad, Christina Voortman

Pest suppression is an important function of healthy soil. The effects of cover crops and soil characteristics on a beneficial fungus are being examined. More
2017-2018 Short-lived Grass and Cover Crops Trial
2017-2018 Short-lived Grass and Cover Crops Trial - Articles Articles
Results of the Penn State 2017-2018 Short-lived Grass and Cover Crops Trial located at the Penn State Agronomy Farm, Centre County. More
Martha Zepp, Penn State University
Canning Terms: Packing and Processing - Articles Articles
Canning terms can be confusing. Words that meant one thing many years ago may mean something totally different in today’s canning directions. Let’s take a look at some basic canning terms and procedures. More
Betexion on, CCO
Wait to Preserve Sauerkraut - Articles Articles
As cabbage begins to mature, sauerkraut containers begin to make their appearance. Wait! More
Hans/22177 Pixabay, CCO
Preserving Those Colorful Garden Peppers - Articles Articles
The colorful medley of red, green, yellow—even purple and orange—peppers may be preserved by freezing, canning, drying, pickling or making into relishes, jams and jellies. More
krzys 16/358 Pixabay, CCO
Canning Potatoes - Articles Articles

Canning Potatoes

Martha Zepp

Characteristics of special concern when canning potatoes are their low acidity and starchy nature. Potatoes must be canned in a pressure canner for safety. More
bigstock - 44552299
Canning Salsa - Articles Articles

Canning Salsa

Martha Zepp

Freshly cut-up tomatoes, onions, and peppers make delicious sauces to serve over meat and seafood or to eat with tortilla chips. More
Ewes and does should be in good body condition prior to the breeding season.
Sheep and Goat Workshops: Breeding Season Preparation - Workshops Workshops
A successful lambing or kidding season begins with breeding season preparations. More
We want more grass. Sheep on pasture. Photo by: N. Santangelo
"Grow More Forage" Pasture Walk - Workshops Workshops

"Grow More Forage" Pasture Walk


Harrison Valley, PA

Pasture Walk with a focus on agronomic practices that improve pasture growth and maintain quality. More
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