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How do we combine land, labor and capital?
What is "Business Management'? - Articles Articles
The basic resources at the manager’s disposal are land, labor, capital (buildings, machinery, equipment, livestock, cash, credit) and management. More
Effective grain marketing is about confidence.
A Few Concepts on Marketing Commodity Grains - Articles Articles
Enhanced confidence in the ability to effectively market grain typically comes with a continuous exploration of concepts, market trends and historical information. More
Peach Crop Load Management: Blossom Thinning and Fruit Size
Peach Crop Load Management: Blossom Thinning and Fruit Size - Articles Articles

Peach Crop Load Management: Blossom Thinning and Fruit Size

Tara Baugher, James Schupp, Ph.D., Paul Heinemann, Ph.D.

Many growers are hesitant to thin peaches at bloom because they fear the chance of bud loss to frost at this early stage of development. More
Susan Greenfield
How Can I Control Stormwater on My Property? - Articles Articles
Want to control stormwater on your property? There are many different things you can do. More
Scott Sjolander, Penn State University
What Will My Stormwater Project Cost? - Articles Articles
Stormwater drainage, called runoff, affects everyone and all pay. Some costs may be in purchases or repairs, others in management. More
Jennifer Fetter, Penn State University
What are Stormwater Pollutants? - Articles Articles
Stormwater can cause water pollution because it often contains harmful materials picked up when it washed across the land. More
Heather McKean, Penn State University
Is Stormwater Damaging My Property? - Articles Articles
Have you ever wondered why your basement keeps flooding or your driveway is washing away? Stormwater could be damaging your property. More
“Mr. Cohen’s house” by Eric Chan on
How Can I Be a Good Stormwater Neighbor? - Articles Articles
It is important to realize that activities on your property can adversely affect your neighbor’s property, because water does not follow property boundaries More
Andy Yencha, Penn State University
What is an MS4? - Articles Articles

What is an MS4?

Andy Yencha

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System refers to a collection of structures designed to gather stormwater and discharge it into local streams and rivers. More
Photo credit: Jennifer Fetter, Penn State University
Why Should I Care About Stormwater? - Articles Articles
Does stormwater really affect me? Why should I care? Whether you live in a town, the country, a city, or the suburbs – when it rains, the water that runs off needs somewhere to go. Stormwater affects everyone! More
Photo Credit: “Road Closed Road Flooded” by David Marsh on - CC BY 2.0
Why Does My Community Flood More Than it Used to? - Articles Articles
Floods are a nuisance. Whether in the streets, parking lots, or your own front yard – they are no fun. Have you ever wondered why your community floods more now than it used to? More
Photo credit: Susan Boser, Penn State University
What is Stormwater? - Articles Articles

What is Stormwater?

Susan Boser

While you may be familiar with the term, have you ever wondered what stormwater is? More
Freeze damage on Concord. Photo: Michela Centinari, Penn State
Understanding and Preventing Spring Frost and Freeze Damage - Articles Articles
When early spring warming is followed by below freezing temperatures, grape growers keep their fingers crossed hoping to escape freeze injury. More
"duck-2166056" alexas_fotos, CC0
Dairy Outlook: April 2018 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: April 2018

Robert C. Goodling, Jr., David L. Swartz, Timothy Beck, Virginia A. Ishler

Pennsylvania dairy cash flows continue to be upside down as income over feed cost and milk margins shrink and are below breakeven levels. More
Mulching Landscape Trees
Mulching Landscape Trees - Articles Articles

Mulching Landscape Trees

David R. Jackson

Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to enhance landscape beauty, improve soil conditions, protect plants from foot traffic and lawn equipment, and suppress weeds. More
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