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photo by Lynn James
Eating Seasonally and Locally in the Winter - Articles Articles
Knowing the availability, varieties and culinary uses of winter vegetables and fruit makes it easier to purchase locally and helps support the local economy, our health and the planet. More
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Dairy Sense: The Reality of the Dairy Industry - Articles Articles
The industry is in crisis and there is no simple fix to the problem. Consecutive years of mediocre margins and possible erosion of farm equity mean there are some tough questions to be answered. More
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Dairy Sense: Unlocking Added Potential - Articles Articles
The transition period, early lactation, and breeding age heifers are the keys to unlocking added potential for milk income. More
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Dairy Sense: More Sugar, Please - Articles Articles

Dairy Sense: More Sugar, Please

Virginia A. Ishler

Adding sugar to the ration can complement many diets and takes the pressure off starch as the only energy source used to maintain production and components. More
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Dairy Sense: Evolution of IOFC - Articles Articles

Dairy Sense: Evolution of IOFC

Virginia A. Ishler

Income over feed cost (IOFC) per cow has evolved from a general metric to one that is very farm specific. Tracking breakeven IOFC enables analysis of how decisions will impact cash flow. More
Photo credit: Andrew Sandeen
Risk Management for Reproduction Programs - Articles Articles
Risk management must address big-picture financial aspects; however, it is also relevant to specific areas of management, such as reproduction. More
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What is Mastitis Costing You? - Articles Articles
Mastitis costs dairy farms more than any other disease. Control clinical and subclinical infections to improve milk quality and boost profitability. More
Figure 5. Rainfall simulator used in this experiment.
Tillage System Effects on Runoff, Erosion, and Phosphorus Loss - News News
Highlights from research results from 2007/2008 may help plan for the coming year’s tillage system including effects on runoff, erosion, and phosphorus loss on soils with different drainage characteristics More
Hemp Field Day at the Penn State Southeast Research and Extension Center. August 7, 2018 (Penn State: Alyssa Collins)
Interested in Growing Hemp in Pennsylvania in 2019? - News News
The recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has made the cultivation of Hemp in Pennsylvania and across the country legal once again. Here you will find what interested farmers and investors need to know before they jump in with both feet! More
A disc plow sits unused in the fence row, one of many tactics farmers are helping Pennsylvania meet Chesapeake Bay TMDLs for nutrients and sediment. Photo by: Heidi Reed, Penn State
2019 Recap of Pennsylvania in the Balance - News News
Stakeholders met in early February to help shape the Phase 3 Watershed Improvement Plans for the Chesapeake Bay More
Scout school Image Credit: Dwight Lingenfelter
Penn State Agronomy Scout School: Registration Open - News News
Register now for the Agronomy Scout School on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Penn State-University Park Campus. More
Photo by Dwane Miller
Not Too Late to Attend a Crops Conference: Butler County - News News
Butler County Extension is pleased to announce that they will be holding a Crops Conference at The Atrium in Prospect, PA on February 26, 2019 from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. More
Planting green into cereal rye (Penn State, Heidi Reed)
Cover Crops Looking Wimpy? Maybe This is the Year to Plant Green - News News
Read our planting green research summary to determine if the practice supports your goals. More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of February 19, 2019 - News News
The very active wintry pattern that the state has seen the last few weeks will persist through the upcoming seven to ten days. More
Jelena Witch hazel
Witch Hazels: A Promise That Spring is on the Way - Articles Articles
Witch hazels provide fragrance and floral impact to the garden. More
New Jersey Tea, Photo credit: Aaron Carlson, CC-BY-SA-3.0
Two Notable Native Herbs for 2019 - News News
The Notable Native Herbs for 2019 are New Jersey Tea and Horsetail. The Notable Native Herb™ is the signature program of Herb Society of America’s (HSA) Native Herb Conservation Committee. More
Japanese primrose in a woodland setting
Pick a Primrose For a Pop of Perfection - Articles Articles
Spring flowering primroses are ideal in moist, semi-shady locations. More
Mealybugs. Photo credit: Scot Nelson Public Domain
Pest and Disease Problems of Indoor Plants - Articles Articles
Plants can brighten our indoor spaces. Find out more about common pests and diseases of indoor plants and how to combat them. More
Photo credit: Holly List
Petscaping: Creating a Pet-Friendly Garden - Articles Articles
You can have a garden that is both beautiful and a safe haven for pets. This article outlines steps for a pet-friendly garden. More
Powdery mildew on blossoms. The powdery mildew fungus likes young tissue. As tissue begins to grow, the fungus will colonize young, green tissue as it emerges. Photo: Kari Peter, Penn State
Spraying by the Numbers: Fungicide Resistance Management - Articles Articles

Spraying by the Numbers: Fungicide Resistance Management

Kari A. Peter, Ph.D., Alan R. Biggs

Growers can prevent resistance to fungicides by alternating chemicals by FRAC group also known as "spraying by the numbers." More
SAY Clearinghouse: Aligns with AFRN CS.03, AS.02, PS.03 and PST.02.
Farm Safety Video Series by National Farmers Union - Articles Articles
Farm safety video series developed by the National Farmers Union aligns with the following AFNR Standards: CS.03, AS.02, PS.03 and PST.02 - Low Alignment. More
Not only an early spring/late fall bedding plant, the flowers can be used as a garnish or candied. Photo: Tom Butzler, Penn State
Flowers Becoming Hot Topic - News News

Flowers Becoming Hot Topic


The annual Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Conference (MAFVC) in Hershey, PA is a chance for area growers to gather new information about pest issues, marketing ideas, and production matters. More
Beef cows grazing switchgrass/big bluestem/indiangrass mix in summer. Credit: S. Duiker
Extending the Grazing Season with Plant Diversity - Articles Articles

Extending the Grazing Season with Plant Diversity

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA, Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D.

By developing a grazing plan that integrates cool-season perennials with warm- and cool-season annuals and warm-season perennials, graziers can significantly extend the grazing season while both avoiding overgrazing and maintaining soil health. More
Over 13% of Pennsylvania’s wetlands are permanently flooded by water, like this lake in Westmoreland County, PA (Photo by D. Rhea, Penn State)
Wetlands: A Valuable Natural Landscape Feature - News News
Swamp, marsh, and bog. These are a few words that are used to describe wetlands; but what is a wetland and why do they matter? More
Implants are crucial in Holstein steers raised for beef.
2018 Calf-fed Holstein Demonstration Results - Articles Articles
The calf-fed Holstein Initiative wrapped up its third year in 2018. Implants successfully increased average daily gains and feed efficiency. More
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