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SAY Clearinghouse: Aligns with AFRN CS.03, AS.02, PS.03 and PST.02.
Immigrant Dairy Worker Health and Safety - Articles Articles
Aligns with the following AFNR standard(s): CS.03, AS.02, PS.03 and PST.02. This curriculum was developed by the Migrant Clinicians Network. More
Image Credit: Garo Goodrow, Penn State Extension
Pesticide Registered Technician Training Package - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications
This training package guides a pesticide business through the process of having registered technicians work for them and includes packaged presentations that certified applicators can use to give the required training. More
Tyvek® tree guard. Photo: Rob Crassweller
Orchard Weed Control - Protection of Tree Trunks - Articles Articles
Some of the burn-down herbicides have been implicated as possible causes of damage to young tree trunks that have green tissue on portions of the lower trunk. More
A new mobile scouting spreadsheet developed by Penn State enables simple record-keeping on your smartphone.
Orchard IPM: Scouting with Your Smartphone - Articles Articles

Orchard IPM: Scouting with Your Smartphone

Tara Baugher, Tom Jarvinen

An important part of orchard scouting is to keep good records. A new mobile scouting spreadsheet, developed by Penn State, will help you keep track of what you are seeing in the field. More
John Wall, author of How to Build Orchard and Vineyard Trellises, explains the key components of a strong orchard support system. Photo: Tara Baugher, Penn State
Orchard Precision: Engineering Principles for Orchard Trellis Construction - Articles Articles
Properly gauging orchard trellis needs and designing a system that is both cost-efficient and sturdy enough to weather season after season is a challenging, but rewarding, task. More
Phytocoris conspurcatus. Photo by Tom Murray
Apple Insect Pest: New Plant Bug Type Injury to Fruit - Articles Articles

Apple Insect Pest: New Plant Bug Type Injury to Fruit

Dave Biddinger, Ph.D., Neelendra Joshi

In last the five years or so growers have noticed increases in what appears to be plum curculio damage to apple fruit. More
Supporting Farmers in their Start-Up and Establishing Years
Supporting Farmers in their Start-Up and Establishing Years - Articles Articles
Penn State has teamed up with establishing farmers to help new farmers become more profitable, productive, and sustainable. More
Young Latino growers learn how to scout an orchard during a hands-on field training.
Learning Preferences of Next Generation Farmers - Articles Articles

Learning Preferences of Next Generation Farmers

Tara Baugher, Héctor Núñez Contreras, Kelly Lowery

Penn State Extension has been assessing how best to tailor our outreach and extension programming for those of you who will be the next generation of farmers. More
Zenik Crespo (back, right) assists Hispanic participants as they identify weeds at Johnston’s Everygreen Nursery in Erie. Photo: L. Follett, Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery
Bilingual Workshops Teach Integrated Weed Management - Articles Articles
Penn State Extension has developed new resources for weed management and is beginning to offer bilingual training opportunities. More
Mowing the sudex cover crop at the blueberry site at Five Elements Farm. The sudex was sown to compete against weeds, and was incorporated to add organic matter to the soil. Photo by J. Bozzelli.
Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm - Articles Articles

Adding Small Fruits to Your Small Farm

Marley E Skinner, Robert Pollock, Mike Basedow

Consider diversifying your farm by adding small fruit like blueberries or strawberries. More
Photo credit: Kim Frey
Planting in Sun or Shade - Articles Articles

Planting in Sun or Shade

Pamela T. Hubbard

Selecting the right plant for the amount of light in your garden is vital. This article defines full sun, full shade, and partial sun and shade along with how to identify these areas in your garden. More
Photo: Molly Kelly, Penn State
Incorporating Microbiology Techniques in the Winery - Articles Articles
There are a number of spoilage microorganisms and yeasts that we are concerned with as winemakers. More
Top dominant trees in an older orchard. Photo: Rob Crasswellar, Penn State
Home Gardening: Pruning to Renovate Old Fruit Trees - Articles Articles

Home Gardening: Pruning to Renovate Old Fruit Trees

Robert Crassweller, Ph.D., Rich Marini, Ph.D., Tara Baugher, Timothy Elkner

Use judicious pruning to renovate older fruit trees in your home landscape. More
Native plants contained by sidewalk at Penn State Extension's Dauphin County office. Photo credit: Lois Miklas
Containing Garden "Thugs" - Articles Articles

Containing Garden "Thugs"

Rose Trunzo, Judy Wisk

Even desirable plants can become thugs in the garden by taking over areas that you did not intend. Learn some ways to contain opportunistic garden plants. More
Cattle being finished on grass, photo by Dr. Jessica Williamson, Penn State Extension
Grass-fed Beef Production - Articles Articles

Grass-fed Beef Production

Tara L. Felix

This article will clarify some of the production methods used to raise grass-fed beef. More
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