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Photo credit: Lois Miklas
Overwintering Plants in Containers - Articles Articles
Many perennial and evergreen plants in containers can survive the winter, if you take precautions to protect them. More
Photo: Holly Raguza, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Spotted Lanternfly: Tips for Handling Yard Waste in Quarantined Areas - Articles Articles
To prevent the movement of this insect, avoid moving yard waste such as woody plant debris (fallen trees or branches and tree trimmings) outside the quarantine area. More
Plants left standing provide homes for pollinators and add winter interest to your garden. Photo credit: Connie Schmotzer
Fall Garden Care for Pollinators - Articles Articles
This article discusses the beneficial pollinators that overwinter in the garden and best practices for providing habitat for them. More
Horse Hay - Danielle N. Smarsh, Ph.D.
Mold and Mycotoxins in Horse Hay - Articles Articles
Hay with a high moisture content is at risk for developing mold. There are a variety of health risks for horses that consume moldy hay. More
No-till wheat in corn residue
Small Grain Planting Considerations - Articles Articles

Small Grain Planting Considerations

Delbert G. Voight, Jr

Did wet weather delay your wheat planting? Here are some tips that might assist you with your planting decisions. More
Navigating the PaPlants Website
Navigating the PaPlants Website - Articles Articles
Learn how to access information in the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's PaPlants website and how being a registered user can provide even more information. More
Mary Burrows, Montana State University,
Fall Weed Control in Wheat and Barley - Articles Articles

Fall Weed Control in Wheat and Barley

Dwight Lingenfelter, William S. Curran, Ph.D.

As fall weeds compete with wheat and barley establishment, below are some herbicide options to consider. More
Knowing your feed source is imperative. Corn field at harvest, Iowa. Photo: E.Hines
African Swine Fever Update: Biosecurity is the Key - Articles Articles
China continues to see losses and there is still no vaccine available. Practicing biosecurity on your farm is the current best recommendation to keep your pigs healthy. More
Adult spotted lanternflies. Photo Credit: E. Smyers
Spotted Lanternfly Management for Homeowners - Articles Articles

Spotted Lanternfly Management for Homeowners

Heather L Leach, Dave Biddinger, Ph.D., Grzegorz (Greg) Krawczyk, Ph.D.

A guide that reviews the identification, life cycle, current distribution, and techniques for managing spotted lanternfly on your property. More
Yogurt Dairy Refrigerator-2722678 by Albany Colley. CC0
Dairy Outlook: October 2018 - Articles Articles

Dairy Outlook: October 2018

Robert C. Goodling, Jr., David L. Swartz, Claudia Schmidt, Ph.D., Timothy Beck, Virginia A. Ishler

Current dairy markets are hinting at potential gradual increase in milk price into 2019. Global trade volatility continues to hinder widespread optimism. More
Lenelle Bear 2017
Cobblers, Crumbles and More - Articles Articles
Have you ever been confused by baked fruit desserts? More
Photo credit: Lois Miklas
Garden Bargain or Bust? - Articles Articles

Garden Bargain or Bust?

Lisa Marie Bernardo

How do you know if that clearance plant is a bargain or a waste of money? Follow these steps to assure that your bargain purchase will survive the winter and thrive next spring. More
Ticks and Tickborne Disease - Articles Articles

Ticks and Tickborne Disease

Erika Machtinger

Tick bite prevention tips to reduce your risk More
Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease - Articles Articles

Lyme Disease

Erika Machtinger, Steve Jacobs

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and is transmitted by ticks. More
Photo credit: Katja Schulz from Washington, D.C., USA
Mountain Laurel - Articles Articles

Mountain Laurel

Joan Jubela

Discover the fact and folklore behind mountain laurel, Pennsylvania's state flower. More
Beautyberry CC0
Fall Shrubs and Trees - Articles Articles

Fall Shrubs and Trees

Mary Ann Ryan

This article discusses some lesser-known shrubs and trees with beautiful fall color. More
Fall Forage Management
Fall Forage Management - Articles Articles

Fall Forage Management

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D.

When it comes to managing forages in the fall, there are many factors that should be considered. More
Tree of heaven leaves. Credit: Bigstock
Tree-of-Heaven - Articles Articles


David R. Jackson

Tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima) also known as ailanthus, Chinese sumac, and stinking sumac is a rapidly growing, deciduous tree native to a region extending from China south to Australia. Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive pest, is particularly attracted to Tree-of-heaven. More
Photo: Holly Raguza, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
How You Can Comply with the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Regulations - Articles Articles
Some tips to help you avoid spreading Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) and be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) regulations. More
Poison hemlock in the spring time along a fencerow. Image from Ohio State University.
Livestock Producers Should Recognize and Manage Poison Hemlock - Articles Articles

Livestock Producers Should Recognize and Manage Poison Hemlock

Dwight Lingenfelter, William S. Curran, Ph.D.

“This is the time of year when you start to notice poison hemlock. Best management practices should take place before it flowers, produces more seed, and continues to spread”. More
Grazing Residue Height Matters
Grazing Residue Height Matters - Articles Articles

Grazing Residue Height Matters

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D.

It is important to remember to keep an eye on residue heights to eliminate over-grazing and the problems that occur as a result. More
Benefits of Hiring a Nutritionist
Benefits of Hiring a Nutritionist - Articles Articles
Hiring a nutritionist could have major benefits for your farm and your livestock. More
Do Your Cows Match Your Resources?
Do Your Cows Match Your Resources? - Articles Articles

Do Your Cows Match Your Resources?

Benjamin Williamson

What is the right size for a cow? That depends on your resources, your environment, the market that you sell to and your goals. More
Fall Means Time to Wean for Most Pennsylvania Beef Producers
Fall Means Time to Wean for Most Pennsylvania Beef Producers - Articles Articles
Choose the weaning protocol that best matches your management style and facilities. This choice can make a big difference in the stress levels of your cows, your calves and you. More
In Search of the Perfect Brood Ewe
In Search of the Perfect Brood Ewe - Articles Articles
Items to think about as you search for the perfect brood ewe to fit your farm resources and your management style. More
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