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Winterizing Sprayer, Photo by Andrew Frankenfield
Late Fall is the Time to Winterize Your Sprayers - Articles Articles
Once the growing season is over and the weather is turning colder it’s time to winterize your pesticide sprayer before it gets too cold and causes damage to sprayer components. The following are tips to guide you. More
Life stages of the Spotted Lanternfly. Credit: Penn State Extension
Spotted Lanternfly is on the Move - News News
Spotted Lanternflies are now in the adult life stage and are much more mobile. More
Utility Vehicle (UTV) use on the farm is very common because of their ability to carry supplies in the cargo bed. Photo Credit: Andrew Frankenfield
ATV and Multipurpose Agricultural Vehicle (MAV) Safety Reminders - News News
Nearly every farm has a 4-wheeler or utility vehicle used to assist with farm activities. Keep safety in mind when operating these vehicles. More
Frequent heavy rains delay planting. Photo credit: Andrew Frankenfield
Crop Insurance: Prevented Planting Details - Articles Articles
More widespread heavy rain has delayed the already delayed corn and soybean planting. Farmers are now considering their options if they still have corn and soybeans to plant. More
Assessing soybean populations. Photo credit: United Soybean Board
Assessing Corn and Soybean Populations and Replanting Decisions - Articles Articles
Recent heavy rains and excessively wet soil conditions have taken a toll on recently planted corn and soybean fields. Now is the time to take a look at those fields. More
Timothy hay field infected with Cereal Rust Mites; notice the curled leaves. Photo Credit: Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State Extension.
Time to Scout for Cereal Rust Mites in Timothy - News News
Cereal rust mites are a small but destructive pest that could be robbing yield and quality from your timothy hay fields. More
Pennsylvania group visit to the SLC group, one of the largest agricultural groups in Brazil. Photo Credit: Del Voight
Penn State Extension Brazil Ag Tour - News News
Follow Penn State Extension Brazil International Workshop and Ag Tour through their daily blog posts. More
Photo Caption: Deer in Winter, Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State
Deer Control Options for Farmers and Landowners - Articles Articles
Crop damage caused by deer is a reoccurring theme for farmers. Learn about the management options available to control deer populations. More
Photo caption: Canadian thistle in a grass hay stand 3 weeks after cutting. This a good stage of growth to spray with a herbicide in the fall.
Fall Management of Grass Hay Fields and Pastures - News News
Help your forage plants prepare for winter survival and spring regrowth. Weed control, soil fertility and liming are a few key factors to consider this fall. More
Scouting pastures to identify forage species using a Pasture Evaluation Disc.
Pasture Management for Fall - News News

Pasture Management for Fall


Be careful not to hurt your pasture stand this fall. Read about tips for successful fall pasture management. More
Steve Dewey, Utah State University,
Sprayer Calibration Saves Money - Articles Articles

Sprayer Calibration Saves Money

Andrew Frankenfield

Spending some time going over your sprayer in the spring can pay dividends. Worn or partially clogged nozzles will cause uneven spray distribution, which can lead to problems later in the season. More
Photo credit: United Soybean Board, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Web Soil Survey: A Valuable Source of Information - Articles Articles

Web Soil Survey: A Valuable Source of Information

Andrew Frankenfield, Mike Basedow

Useful information is available on the web to the beginning farmer or someone who has been tending the soil for years. More
Corn No-tilled into Bedded Pack Manure, Photo: Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State
I Used Manure; How Much Nitrogen Do I Need for My Corn? - News News
If you use manure, the amount of fertilizer nitrogen you apply at planting affects your pre-sidedress testing options later this spring. More
Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State
Reducing Forage Harvest Losses - News News

Reducing Forage Harvest Losses


Ready, Set, Mow! First cutting alfalfa is underway in many parts of the state. Every pass across the field reduces the amount of dry matter you end up with in a bale. How much are you leaving behind? More
Time to Mow Cereal Rye for Straw
Time to Mow Cereal Rye for Straw - News News
Above average temperatures this spring has advanced the maturity of the rye as well as other forages. More
Precut Rye Straw
Precut Rye Straw - Videos Videos

Precut Rye Straw

Andrew Frankenfield

Precut rye straw is a good alternative to conventional small grain straw since it is made in late spring and many crops can be planted after it's harvest. More
Cover crops in Fall. Photo: Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State
FSA Cover Crop Guidelines - News News

FSA Cover Crop Guidelines


Recently the FSA, NRCS, and RMA worked together to develop consistent, simple, and flexible policy for cover crop practices. More
Growing Corn and Corn Silage on a Budget
Growing Corn and Corn Silage on a Budget - Articles Articles
Whether you grow corn for grain or silage, learn about some management factors you can control. More
When Is It Time To Stop Grazing In The Fall?
When Is It Time To Stop Grazing In The Fall? - Articles Articles
Manage your grazing like you do your lawn, when you stop mowing your lawn for the year you should also likely stop grazing your pasture. More
Windrow composting - the most commonly-used and labor-intenstive composting method
Compost: How to Make it and How Much to Use - Articles Articles

Compost: How to Make it and How Much to Use

Andrew Frankenfield, Alison Grantham

Here we share the benefits and drawbacks of 4 compost production methods, as well as 6 straightforward tips for using compost. More
Dwarf BMR Forage Sorghum, Annual ryegrass, Crimson Clover and Radishes seeded late July 2013 after Sweet corn. Mixture was green chopped for cattle feed in September. Remaining annual ryegrass and crimson clover over wintered and was burned down in April.
What Cover Crop Should I Plant? - Articles Articles

What Cover Crop Should I Plant?

Andrew Frankenfield

Keep your goals in mind when selecting cover crops and cover crop mixtures. More
Vomitoxin Levels and Testing in Wheat
Vomitoxin Levels and Testing in Wheat - Articles Articles
Test your wheat for vomitoxin contamination to determine potential issues and quality. More
Web Soil Survey Screen
Web Soil Survey: A Valuable Source of Information for New and Not So New Farmers - Articles Articles
Check the soil map before you do anything to ensure you are planting a crop that is appropriate for the soil type you have. More
Buying a Used Tractor
Buying a Used Tractor - Articles Articles

Buying a Used Tractor

Andrew Frankenfield

Things to consider before so you can determine what to looking for in a used tractor. More