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Lead in Drinking Water
Lead in Drinking Water - Articles Articles

Lead in Drinking Water

Bryan Swistock, William Sharpe, Ph.D.

Learn how to determine if your drinking water contains too much lead, and discover ways to reduce lead in your water. More
Newly installed three chamber septic and pump tank (Photo by Amy Galford)
Funding for Private Well and Septic System Repairs - Articles Articles
Major repairs or replacement of septic system and drinking water wells can be costly, but there are sources of financial assistance for homeowners. More
Farm Pond Safety
Farm Pond Safety - Articles Articles

Farm Pond Safety

Linda Fetzer

Farm ponds, lagoons and water wells are often found on Pennsylvania farms and all have contributed to accidental drownings. More
A small roadside spring located along a state forest road in northcentral Pennsylvania.
Roadside Springs - Articles Articles

Roadside Springs

Bryan Swistock, Susan Boser, Mark Madden

This article discusses a research study on the water quality and use of numerous roadside springs across Pennsylvania. More
Triploid grass carp are one potential management strategy for aquatic plants in your pond
Using Grass Carp to Control Aquatic Plants - Articles Articles

Using Grass Carp to Control Aquatic Plants

Bryan Swistock, Jennifer R Fetter

This information explains how to use grass carp for biological aquatic vegetation control. More