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Photo Credit: Zachary Larson, Penn State Extension
Planting Green Impacts on Corn Emergence - Articles Articles
Corn planted into standing un-rolled cover may show reduced yields due to lower populations and greater plant height variability. More
Smartphones and tablets can place volumes of agronomic data in your pocket.
Scout with Confidence with These Smartphone Apps - Articles Articles
There are a variety of smartphone and tablet apps that can help to identify pests, select crop protection products or view pesticide labels, putting important data at your fingertips. More
There are a handful of smartphone and tablet applications that can help navigate through some of the challenges of spraying. Photo Credit: Zachary Larson
Take the Guesswork Out of Spraying With These Apps - Articles Articles
Use these smartphone and tablet apps to help in sprayer calibration, nozzle selection, tank mixing and product selection. More
Farm management software is one way of keeping track of what hybrids are planted, when control products are applied and yields. Understanding user licenses and privacy agreements will help in explaining what software companies can do with your data and w
What Will Happen to My Data? Understanding Your Rights in Precision Agriculture - Articles Articles
The use of Precision Agriculture-based decision making to determine fertilizer rates and hybrid types and planting rates is becoming more common. More
Recordkeeping apps can put all of your crop history in the devices that you carry with you every day. Apps that utilize GIS mapping allow you to link records with mapped locations.
Should You Resolve to Ditch Paper Records in 2017? - Articles Articles
If you didn’t write it down it never happened; it’s a lesson often learned the hard way. More
Rye on tomatoes. Photo: Lee Stivers
This Isn't Your Father's Cereal Rye - Articles Articles
Use management objectives to determine rye cover crop seeding rates. More
Helping Realtors Understand On-Lot Wastewater Inspections
Helping Realtors Understand On-Lot Wastewater Inspections - Articles Articles
As part of the “home inspection” process, realtors need to understand who should conduct on-lot disposal system inspections and what outcomes to expect. More
Figure 1. Green roof profile schematic including materials typically included in construction.
Green Roofs for Stormwater - Articles Articles

Green Roofs for Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance on how green roofs can be constructed and how they can be expected to contribute to solving stormwater problems. More
Rock Swale
Improving Stormwater Quality - Articles Articles

Improving Stormwater Quality

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Various low impact development (LIDs) practices and how effective they are at reducing pollutants in stormwater. More
Controlling the Dewatering of Sedimentation Basins
Controlling the Dewatering of Sedimentation Basins - Articles Articles
Design criterion provided that can be used by engineers to properly size various dewatering control features used as part of the basin’s principal spillway. More
Creating an Infiltration Surface
Creating an Infiltration Surface - Articles Articles

Creating an Infiltration Surface

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Information for contractors to properly build an infiltration surface; the soil surface where stormwater or wastewater is expected to enter the soil profile. More
Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer
Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer - Articles Articles

Selecting a Faircloth Skimmer

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

A skimmer is a basin dewatering control device that withdraws water from near the basin’s water surface, removing the highest quality water from the basin for delivery to the uncontrolled environment. More
Rainwater Cistern (image credit - Ecology Center on CC BY 2.0)
Cisterns for Capturing and Reusing Stormwater - Articles Articles
Guidance provided on how to develop effective runoff capture and reuse systems as part of a stormwater management plan. More
Infiltrating Stormwater
Infiltrating Stormwater - Articles Articles

Infiltrating Stormwater

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Guidance to stormwater designers about assessing a potential stormwater infiltration site to determine the rate and volume of stormwater that can be expected to infiltrate into the soil. More
Figure 1. Typical bioretention cell.
Rain Gardens (BioRetention Cells) - a Stormwater BMP - Articles Articles
Design guidance provided for engineers and planners on how to properly develop a bioretention cell. More
Wet Basements
Wet Basements - Articles Articles

Wet Basements

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Understanding and correcting wet basements is a key topic for homeowners. More
Drip irrigation of bell peppers
Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production - Articles Articles

Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Albert Jarrett, Ph.D., Michael Orzolek, Ph.D.

Drip or trickle irrigation is a very efficient method of applying water and nutrients to crops. More
Riego por goteo de pimientos.
Riego por Goteo para la Producción Vegetal - Articles Articles

Riego por Goteo para la Producción Vegetal

Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Lynn Kime, Albert Jarrett, Ph.D., Michael Orzolek, Ph.D.

La irrigación o riego por goteo o chorreo es un método muy eficiente para la aplicación de agua y nutrientes para los cultivos. More
Hydraulic Load Test Hydraulic Load Test - Articles

Hydraulic Load Test

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

The Hydraulic Load Test is included as a component of the PSMA On-Lot Wastewater Inspection. More
Septic Tank Exit Filters Septic Tank Exit Filters - Articles

Septic Tank Exit Filters

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Adding a filter to the exit baffle of a septic tank serves as the final opportunity to capture and remove partially settled particles in the wastewater. More
On-Lot Filtration and Advanced Treatment Units
On-Lot Filtration and Advanced Treatment Units - Articles Articles
There are many Filtration and Advanced treatment units (FATU's) approved for use in On-Lot Wastewater Systems in Pennsylvania. More
Figure 1. Cross-section through a Micro-Mound
Drip-Irrigation Micro-Mound - Articles Articles

Drip-Irrigation Micro-Mound

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

The Drip-Irrigation Micro-Mound On-Lot Wastewater System is a method of distributing treatment tank (septic or aerobic) effluent to the natural soil. More
Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) On-Lot Systems
Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) On-Lot Systems - Articles Articles
The Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) on-lot sewage disposal system can be designed and installed on sites with restrictive soil conditions. More
Agricultural Water Needs and Sources Water Supply
Agricultural Water Needs and Sources Water Supply - Articles Articles
Information on the volume of water needed for various agricultural purposes. More
Aerobic Treatment Units Aerobic Treatment Units - Articles

Aerobic Treatment Units

Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Aerobic treatment units, also called activated sludge tanks, are a common method of biological treatment used in municipal wastewater treatment facilities. More
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