Shale Royalties and Your Farm Business: Managing the Risk Associated with Royalty Income Streams

This free program offered for farm owners receiving natural gas royalty checks.
Shale Royalties and Your Farm Business: Managing the Risk Associated with Royalty Income Streams - Workshops
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Farm royalty owners face many legal and financial risks associated with oil and natural gas leasing. Many farmers have used royalty income streams to supplement farm income and to make important capital investments. However, shale well production declines and price volatility introduce significant levels of risk to the royalty income stream and ultimately to the farm business.

Penn State Extension is hosting a series of workshops specifically for farm royalty owners to help them understand royalty income volatility and more effectively manage the associated risks.

Are you as a farm owner receiving natural gas royalty checks and not fully understanding how the current trends and production figures mesh with your royalty payments? Would you like to make better farm decisions based on decline curve modeling and future royalty streams? Penn State Extension Shale Education Team Educators and Program Sponsors Rockcliff Capital LLC and HBK will provide a comprehensive workshop to help farm royalty owners understand how current natural gas production and utilization trends can affect their royalties, important records to maintain, and decision making strategies for how to limit farm business exposure to risk.

This workshop is a must for farm business owners who are receiving, or expect to receive, royalty payments and seek a better understanding of how to make best decisions regarding the farm business.

The program is free of cost due to a grant from the Northeast Extension Risk Management Education. The program material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2015-49200-24225. Refreshments and lunch are generously provided by our sponsors, Rockcliff Capital LLC and HBK.


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