Saving While Shopping at Home

Many people loathe grocery shopping. Planning menus and writing a grocery list saves both time and money as well as assures your family is eating healthy meals.
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- [Robin] Hi, I'm Extension Educator Robin Coolick and I'd like to talk to you about ways to save on grocery bill at home.

You've heard the saying time is money, when it comes to grocery shopping that old adage is very true.

If you follow some of these suggestions, spending your time can reap savings at the grocery store.

Likewise, showing up at the store without a plan can be costly.

Let's start by developing a weekly menu of meals that your family will eat.

You aren't saving money buying bargains if no one will eat what you have prepared.

Start by asking everyone what their favorite meals or foods are.

Even some of your youngest family members can help in this project.

Work with them to place these foods into categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

Use the MyPlate Method to assure that each meal has dairy, fruit, grain, protein, and vegetable.

Okay, so maybe you can skip the veggies at breakfast.

Notice in the picture, half of the plate is fruits and vegetables.

See if your family can come up with the 21 meals for a week, plus some snacks.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can't be beat for healthy nutritious snacking.

As you review your meals with your family, ask them the following questions and make changes if necessary.

Does each meal have at least four of the five MyPlate food categories?

Does the meal have some hot and some cold foods?

Is the meal colorful and appealing or drab and all the same color?

Are there some bland foods to counteract spicy foods?

Does the meal have different textures, some smooth and some crunchy?

Now that you've made some changes, it's time to start the grocery list, or maybe not.

Is it a practice in your house to keep a running list of groceries as you run out?

There's nothing more frustrating than starting a recipe, opening the cupboard and finding that someone used the last and forgot to add it to the list.

Review your menu and add or start your shopping list with ingredients that you don't think you have on hand.

Another step to perform before you head out the door is to shop at home.

Look through your cupboards to make sure that items on your list aren't already stored in your kitchen.

Another way to shop at home is to use coupons and carefully review the weekly grocery store ads for items that might be on sale.

Even if they aren't included on your menu for the week, you might take advantage of the sale and change one or more items on the menu in order to save money.

Alternatively, you could purchase the items and make sure you include them in future menus.

As you can see, you have just spent an hour or two of your time, but it will pay off at the store with savings.

Indeed, time is money.


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