Sample Pest Control Information Sheet

Pest control info sheet
Sample Pest Control Information Sheet - Articles


Weevil (Iphthimorhinus australasiae)

Pest Control Information Sheet

(Enter Name of School District or Building here)

A pest inspection and pesticide application have been scheduled for

(Insert Date of Application here)

This school district utilizes an Integrated Pest Management program, applying appropriate
pesticides only when needed. Our applicators will select the most appropriate pesticide(s) from
the following list of pesticides to control pests identified during their inspections. Not every
pesticide listed maybe used.

List of Pesticides, which may be used:

Brand Name and EPA Registration Number
(Enter Brand Names and EPA registration numbers for any pesticide, which may be used

For Additional Information Contact:

(Enter Applicator Name)
(Enter Applicator Address)
(Enter Applicator Telephone Number)

This information is being provided to all school staff and to parents and guardians who have requested this information to meet the requirements of Act 36 of 2002.

(Note: The Pest Control Information Sheet is not required to be of any specific size. It may be in
printed form, or transmitted electronically to all affected)