Ripening European Pears from the Home Orchard

Compared to other fruits, pears are unique because they are resistant to ripening right after harvest and will not ripen evenly until they have had a period of chilling.
Ripening European Pears from the Home Orchard - Articles


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Without some postharvest chilling, a mature fruit will simply shrivel and decompose without ripening. Bartlett pears need to be refrigerated for only a day or two, whereas winter pears such as D'anjou, Bosc, and Comice require 2 to 6 weeks of refrigeration. Pears purchased in the supermarket have already had their chilling requirement. Pears should be ripened at 65 to 75°F and high humidity. The length of time required for ripening differs with variety: 5 days for Bartlett, 7 days for Bosc and Comice and 9 days for D'Anjou. Pears are ready to eat when the fruit flesh just below the stem yields slightly to pressure when squeezed.