Rights of Way and Integrated Vegetation Management

This seminar will provide insight and beneficial information for vegetation managers.
Rights of Way and Integrated Vegetation Management - Workshops
Language: English

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When: Wed., Apr. 4, 2018
(8:30 AM - 4:00 PM)

Where: Penn State Extension in Mercer
463 N Perry Hwy.
Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137

registration deadline: March 28, 2018
11:59 p.m.

Rights-of-Way & Integrated Vegetation Management will provide insight and beneficial information for vegetation managers in roadside, public utility, DOT's, municipalities, native species land reclamation, & non-agriculture industrial sites.

To Be Covered

  • How to control those hard to manage invasive weeds. Participants will practice identifying the plants, including desired vegetation systems, including:
    • Mile a Minute
    • Japanese Knotweed
    • Exotic Bush Honeysuckle.

  • Proper application methods that conserve pollinators and ecological integrity while achieving management objectives.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

08:30 am Registration

09:00 am Welcome / Objectives

09:10 am Reasons Why Herbicides Fail This presentation covers both environmental and applicator considerations that may attribute to poor herbicide performance. The presentation will cover issues associated with various application techniques, weather, and water quality and herbicide choices that cover highway setting including right-of-way, turf, landscape, and desirable tree areas.

09:40 am Dow Product Update for Integrated Rights of Way Vegetation Management This presentation will go over multiple right of way sites and discuss what products and applications area approved and recommended for those sites. Additionally label language will be reviewed with particular emphasis on language that pertains to use sites.

10:10 am Break

10:20 am Backpacks & Their Design Types Maintenance, Applications Wands, Calibration, Use on Highway R/W Including Turf, Landscape, and Tree
An Equipment talk explaining the difference in backpack designs; maintenance procedures; application attachments their different uses on R/W, landscape beds and maintenance of cluster tree planting. Calibration of different backpacks and their attached application wands.

11:20 am Mode of Action for Soil Active Herbicides A discussion on herbicide mode of action for soil active products; while using rotational herbicide treatments to prevent weed resistance. Identifying areas within highway R/W including turf, landscape, and desirable tree areas where soil active products may and may not be used.
Update on phase out of Method 50SG and the introduction of Method 240SL; Method conversion of current 50SG dry use rates to new liquid 240SL use rates.

12:20 pm Lunch (provided)

01:00 pm The Pesticide Label: What You Should Know Closed chain of custody, custom blending, diluted concentrates, and RTU’s, digital record keeping, and drone applications.

01:30 pm Identification & Management of Ailanthus ailtissima within R/W Corridors Including Landscape & Desirable Tree Areas

02:00 pm The Role of Proper Site Analysis in Keeping Applications on Target This talk reviews how pH tests, soil maps and other references can used with product label descriptions to match applications to site constraints conditions for safest and most effectively controls.

03:00 pm Identifying Selected off Target Plants that May be Encountered on the Rights of Way This talk reviews some off-target plantings may be encountered surrouded by rights of way contexts

03:30 pm Questions, Evaluation & Next Steps

04:00 pm Adjourn


Urban and Community Forestry Traditional Forestry Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment

Bethany Barnes Allison

Brandon Dunlap

Joseph Lentz

Mark Rice


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