Resolutions throughout the Year

Successful New Year's resolution should be done throughout the year.
Resolutions throughout the Year - Articles


Time for Change

Every year when January rolls around, folks are compelled to make New Year’s resolutions. Our intention to join the gym or give up smoking are sincere on December 29th, but come January 28th we have abandoned our good intentions and light up another cigarette. This year why not consider making one behavior change each month adding a new health change as the year unfolds?

Here are some healthy suggestions:

  1. January: Have a family meal at least one night a week. Make a date with your family to sit down at the kitchen table and enjoy each other’s company over a home cooked meal. Do this without the added distractions of the TV blaring or the cell phone dinging.
  2. February: continue the family meal habit from January and add eating one meatless dinner one night per week. Perhaps that family meal you started enjoying in January can become a meatless meal this month. One vegetarian meal per week will do your body good.
  3. March: Adding to your one meatless family meal this month exchange your soda or other sugary drink for water. If going cold turkey seems too daunting try one sugary drink a day traded for water.
  4. April: adding to your new habits developed in January through March this month try swapping your refined grains for whole grains. Instead of white rice eat brown rice. Instead of white bread try a dark brown bread like whole wheat, rye or pumpernickel.
  5. May: this month add a new vegetable to your repertoire of vegetable selections. Each weekly trip to the grocery store purchase one new vegetable that you have not tried before.
  6. June: this month try a new fruit that you have never eaten. Some suggestions include fresh figs, berries, star fruit or mangoes.
  7. July: with the warmer weather in full swing take a walk every day. Heading out in the early morning before work will get your day off to a great start and will keep you from the hottest portion of the day.
  8. August: trade your bowl of ice cream for a frozen 100% fruit bar on a stick. You will consume fewer calories while still enjoying a cold treat.
  9. September: eat breakfast each morning. In a hurry? Grab a carton of low-fat Greek yogurt or some overnight oats. See Quaker Oats recipes for recipe ideas.
  10. October: when you dine out ask for a take-away container as soon as the wait staff brings you your meal. Place half of the meal in the to-go box before you begin eating. This will cut your calories in half and provide you with a second meal to be eaten at a later time.
  11. November: reduce the number of times you make a purchase at a fast food restaurant. Just don’t have time today to make your own meal then make healthier choices when eating out. Check out the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics EatRight website for how to do that.
  12. December: Reduce your sugar intake. Start by not adding sugar to your coffee or cereal or wherever you add table sugar to your foods.

An entire year has passed, and now look at how many healthy habits you have established over the year. Making one change per month and adding as the year goes is a more successful way to make major health and life changes than taking them all on in January. If you were unsuccessful at some roll them over to the following New Year. Eventually you will have success if you take one day at a time.