Reducing Disease Risk at Feeders

Bird feeders may help spread disease if a sick bird comes to your feeder.
Reducing Disease Risk at Feeders - Articles
Reducing Disease Risk at Feeders

You can reduce the risk of disease by following these recommendations:

  • If you feed on the ground, rotate your feeding area and, on a regular basis, rake up and remove debris and droppings.
  • If you use a platform feeder or feed on a deck or balcony, feed only as much seed as birds can consume in a day. Scrub your feeder with soap and a disinfectant once a week.
  • Do not allow residue and mold to accumulate in the bottom of hanging tube feeders. To remove mold and residue, empty the feeder and scrub the interior thoroughly.
  • Store seed in a cool, dry place and if it becomes moldy, do not use it.


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