Reaching Your Target Audience

Does your organization see expected participation at events? If this is a challenge, then it's time to evaluate your approach to reaching your target audience.
Reaching Your Target Audience - News


A sign may not be glamorous but it can be an effective way to get a message to local residents.

All organizations have events, meetings and other activities that require some form of communication to be successful. Is your organization successful at this or is each event a challenge? Nothing is worse than having someone contact you about a particular event only to tell them that they missed it. To be successful you must reach your target audience.

Do you know what methods of communication your organization currently uses? In today's world, there are greater options available. Sometimes this seems to make connecting with your target audience more difficult. Some people follow Twitter, others Facebook or Instagram. Meanwhile, some people don't use social media at all. Sometimes word of mouth still works the best. Today, the best way to connect with your target audience requires using multiple methods of communication.

Many organizations have a long history of providing information by newsletter. Newsletters still play an important role in sharing information but do your members or residents see value in reading it? Another challenge, mailing a newsletter has become costly, and if people only put it in the recycling bin, it's not effective. A sign at a busy intersection may reach more people. The methods you use should reach more people. Establishing consistent methods of communication can help reach your target audience. Most organizations now have a website. It may be better to have the latest newsletter and previous editions online where the public can access them. This would be a good time for a survey to find out who would like to receive the newsletter electronically by email and who still needs to a paper copy mailed to them. Most people using technology are on Facebook. Tapping into this is worthwhile, but make sure people Follow your organization, not just Like it. By following your organization they will automatically see what you post.

Turn your challenges into success stories. Take time to evaluate what events and activities are difficult for your organization. How are you currently promoting these? Develop a plan to use multiple forms of communication and be sure each kind directs people to another. If the information is in a newsletter, recommend people stay up to date on Facebook and visit your website. Use Facebook to remind people that the next newsletter should be showing up in their mailboxes and share something of interest. Keep in mind that there are also many more resources available. All of these improvements will help you reach your target audience.