Raising Calf-Fed Holsteins: Colostrum Management

Newborn calves need colostrum as soon as possible to achieve transfer of passive immunity. Learn about proper colostrum management in calf-fed Holsteins raised for beef.
Raising Calf-Fed Holsteins: Colostrum Management - Videos


Producers interested in raising calf-fed Holsteins face several challenges when raising newborn calves. A crucial first step to overcome those challenges is colostrum feeding to ensure transfer of passive immunity. This video outlines the importance of feeding colostrum to newborn calves and will answer the main questions that producers may have in terms of the science, timeline, quality, and cleanliness of colostrum.

Who is this for?

Farmers (primarily dairy farmers) who wish to raise their Holstein calves for beef production as an alternative source of revenue.


Beef cattle nutrition Beef cattle metabolism Beef cattle management Feedlot nutrition and management

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