Questions on Snakes

Several frequently asked questions regarding snakes.
Questions on Snakes - Articles


I found a snakeskin in my basement, does that mean there is a snake down there.

While that might be the case if the snake recently shed, but most likely, the snake has left. I would recommend that you plug any holes along the foundation where a snake might be able to come in looking for food. If there is no food, available (mice) the snake will not usually stay. Where utility connections come into the house is often a place where snakes can enter.

I have found several smaller snakes in my yard during the late summer and early fall, should I be overly concerned?

Snakes that lay eggs usually lay them in the spring and they hatch in the late summer and early fall. Most likely, the eggs were laid somewhere in your yard and snakes are hatching and dispersing.

How do you tell the difference between a venomous and a non-venomous snake?

A non-venomous snake has round pupils and a venomous snake in our state has pupils that resemble a cat eye. The head on a venomous snake is triangular and a more rounded shape in a non-venomous snake. If you were to look from the anus down, a venomous snake has two rows of scales almost to the end of the tail where a non-venomous snake has a single row of scales all the way from the anus to the end of the tail.