Questions and Answers about Caterpillars and Grasshoppers

Q&A: Basics of caterpillars and grasshoppers
Questions and Answers about Caterpillars and Grasshoppers - Articles



  • Where can you find caterpillars? Caterpillars eat plants, so you will find them on the plants that they like to eat. Question from Liverpool.
  • Do caterpillars like honey? Typically caterpillars do not eat honey. They eat leaves. Question from Mastic.
  • What do caterpillars like to eat most, and what is their favorite leaf to feed on? There are thousand of species of caterpillars. Most feed on leaves, and most have a certain type of plant they like to feed on. For instance, the Monarch butterfly only feeds on milkweed leaves. The gypsy moth feeds on may different types of tree leaves in the forest. The hornworm in your garden likes to feed on tomatoes. Question from Mastic.
  • Do Black Caterpillars sting? Most caterpillars do not sting. Some have hairs on their bodies that can pierce your skin if you touch them. These hairs can irritate your skin and may cause a rash. In a few species these hairs do have a small amount of poison in them which may feel like a mild bee sting. Thanks for the question.
  • Do Caterpillars like water? Also, what do they eat? Caterpillars like to drink water sometimes, but they get most of the water they need from the leaves of the plants that they feed on.
  • Are caterpillars insects? Yes, caterpillars are the larvae of butterflies and moths.


  • Why do crickets and grasshoppers jump? These insects jump primarily to escape their enemies.
  • What do grasshoppers eat and drink? Grasshoppers eat plants. They get most of their water from the plants while they are eating. Question from Val Caron.
  • Do grasshoppers drink water? Grasshoppers get most of the water they need from plants while they are eating. Question from Chile.
  • Do Grasshoppers get along with Crickets? Grasshoppers and crickets eat different things and generally live in different places. They are not know to be enemies, so they get along pretty well. Question from Rapid City, South Dakota.
  • Do Grasshoppers or Locus bite? Grasshoppers and locusts can bite their food which are plants. I suppose you mean do grasshoppers bite people. Not usually, but during locust swarms in Africa people are bitten. Question from Groveville, IL.
  • What do Grasshoppers eat? There are many hundreds of different species of grasshoppers. The vast majority eat plants. One type of grasshopper, the swarming African locust has been known to eat paper, leather and even bite people. Question from County Down, Ireland
  • How do Grasshoppers hop? Grasshoppers can hop because they have very large hind legs that contain large muscles. Question from St. Petersburg, FL.
  • How do grasshoppers use their body parts to survive? Grasshoppers use their body parts to survive. For instance, wings allow the grasshopper to fly to find food or escape enemies. Special mouthparts allow the grasshopper to chew tough plant parts. The antennae allow the grasshopper to sense the environment. There are no wasted parts of a grasshopper. All of the parts help it survive.
  • Are grasshoppers poisonous? Grasshoppers do not have poison. However, if a grasshopper is disturbed it will regurgitate the contents of its stomach to discourage an intruder.
  • How do Grasshoppers relate to other bugs? Grasshoppers are in the Family Acrididae of the Order Orthoptera. Other members of the Orthoptera include crickets and katydids.