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Video highlights of PROSPER, a scientifically proven model built on partnerships between Penn State Extension and public schools.
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Music Music Many programs try to reduce risky teen behavior but few show scientific evidence that they work.

In the end, we all pay a price for programs that don't do the job.

PROSPER is different.

It's a scientifically proven model built on partnerships between Penn State Extension and public schools.

PROSPER stands for PROmoting School community university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience.

Long term success requires that families, schools, and community groups work together to support programming work together to support programming for youth and families.

PROSPER programs are conducted with youth during the school day, then with youth and their families during out of school time.

The partnership with the local school district is critical to the success of PROSPER.

In PROSPER schools, all seventh graders participate in an evidenced based prevention Well it is very well received first of all by our school district that actually has a curriculum that comes in and is taught.

"What I enjoy most about being on the PROSPER is seeing all of the community members, the student members work together.

PROSPER teaches skills and attitudes that foster improved family life and parent child communication.

It provides students with skills for planning and problem solving, and peer resistence against problem behaviors.

A wide range of positive outcomes result including less hostility and aggression, less delinquency and lower levels of alcohol and substance abuse.

"I've seen that its helped in a variety of ways with the families I see, and I've gone through the program and I am also a facilitator so it helped strengthen my own family they do a lot better in school with peer pressure and things of that nature.

PROSPER also supports parents' ability to provide effective discipline and limits, show affection, and support their children.

The fact that my two oldest are coming of age and today it's kind of scary like children growing up and things like that.

I want to be involved, and I want them to feel like you know they can come to me, and me know how to handle it.

PROPSER offers communities a menu of evidence-based programs like The Strengthening Families Program for youth between that ages of ten and fourteen and their parents.

The Strengthening Families 10-14 Program is designed and used with families in rural and urban settings and includes families of all backgrounds.

and includes families of all backgrounds There are seven sessions for parents, youth and families, using video role playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects.

Parents and youth learn together by participating in activities that help foster cooperation and team building.

We play a lot of games and just a lot of things about responsibility and how to deal with problems in life.

The PROSPER Model has been scientifically evaluated and shown to be effective.

Studies show that protective factors promoted by PROSPER help youth avoid substance abuse and risk taking behaviors.

With regards to families, PROSPER With regards to families, PROSPER youth report tha youth report that their parents are using more consistent, and less harsh discipline, and that their family is more caring and cohesive.

Teens also spend more time involved with family activities and families who attend PROSPER programs keep coming back and they are telling other families.

It is fun to see the changes in parents from week one when they are interacting with their kids in a much...stricter way and then by the end of week six they take home a lot of skills that they can use to set limits but maybe not in such a harsh way.

We use to not do things together we used to just separate and now when we come here, we go home and we eat at the dinner table together and we talk about stuff.

PROSPER guarantees that programs that work are being delivered with quality.

They produce measurable benefits in communities across the state.

The learn such great values while you are having fun.

A little help, go a long way. PROSPER is that help.

Kids, families, schools, and communities all benefit from PROSPER.

PROSPER is a sound investment in all of our futures, since it serves our most valuable resource our kids.


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