Personal Philosophy of Leadership

An Assignment in three parts

1. Present a graphic representation of your personal leadership philosophy.

  • Use your creative right brain to visualize it, to synthesize it with your philosophy, and to decide on a method of visual presentation.
  • Remarks accompanying visual presentation should not exceed two minutes in length.

2. Turn in written rationale for your graphic representation and accompanying credo statement(s).

  • Your narrative in regards to your visual could be as short as a sentence, and as long as a few pages.  You decide on the parameters.
  • Your credo statement(s) can be one or many.  You can also incorporate elements of your individual learning contract, should you so choose.  (Refer to item C in handout.)

3. Develop a personal vision statement and articulate it on paper.

  • This will serve as an evolving life document charting leadership qualities and characteristics, approaches to leadership, and expected leadership outcomes.  You will also develop a statement of your fundamental beliefs and values. Drawing on instruction during retreat study institute, you will map your own path.
  • You are given a spring, summer, and early fall to research and write this project.  Please don't be afraid to call on resource people or other RULEmates in your network.