How Can you Benefit from the RULE Program

RULE Fellows will learn strategies for taking charge and leading their organizations and communities in positive directions. Through practice, each participant will assume new responsibilities and develop new skills and confidence. Every skill they learn will be directly and immediately applicable to the issues and problems facing their organizations and communities. Participants in the program will achieve various results:

  • Increased understanding of the economic, political, cultural and social forces inherent to the public decision making process.
  • Enhanced knowledge of the application of leadership skills, processes and strategies to resolve conflict.
  • The ability to study community problems and issues from a broad economic, political, cultural and social perspective.
  • Increased understanding of contemporary social and economic problems and policy issues, and how to effectively impact public policy.
  • An understanding of the budgetary concerns encountered by rural/urban communities.
  • An enhanced awareness of international relations and the world economy.
  • A broadened understanding of the legislative process and legislative procedure.
  • Increased ability and opportunity to participate in local government and non-profit community organizations.
  • Expanded and strengthened leadership skills, the catalyst for the democratic process.