RULE Recruitment
Sep 7, 2017
With an alumni base of 626 strong, The Pennsylvania Rural-Urban Leadership Program (RULE) still has room to grow. Leadership is all over the map and it’s certainly in your part of Pennsylvania. We are accepting nominations for RULE XVII; interviews are being held in October. RULE XVII will begin in December, 2017. Please go to “Application/Refer a Candidate” to nominate a worthy leader. If you would like more information about RULE please email
Global Trajectory Targeted Leaders in RULE/Nuffield
Feb 12, 2015
Penn State’s Rural-Urban Leadership Program is focused on building bridges and creating understanding of our states divergent rural and urban issues. RULE is a program of the Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences. Article written by RULE Alumnus, Darrin Youker Study Institute Sponsored by MidAtlantic Farm Credit


"RULE has enabled me to conduct further research into issues that directly affect rural residents and has provided me with a better understanding of the obstacles that we face and must work to overcome."

Gerald ‘Arnie’ Kriner, RULE IV, Legislative Administrative Asst.