PAOneStop - Farm Mapping and E&S Planning System

PAOneStop provides online tools to help farmers meet regulatory requirements for Conservation and Nutrient Management Planning.

PAOneStop provides a tool to create high quality farm maps and generate plan content information required for the completion of Nutrient Management Plans, Nutrient Balance Sheets, Pennsylvania Phosphorus Index, and Conservation Plans.

PAOneStop includes two planning modules:

  • The Farm Mapping module enables farmers and planners to create, save, and print farm maps with operation and field boundaries, field identification, field acreage, landscape features such as wells, streams, sinkholes, and manure application setbacks.  Soils maps, with soil classifications, and topographic maps can also be generated.
  • The Erosion and Sedimentation module enables farmers and planners, through the input of field level cropping and tillage system data, to generate soil loss values that are required in Conservation Plans and the Pennsylvania Phosphorus Index.