NMP Version 6.3 Update Notice

The Nutrient Management Program has released an update to NMP Spreadsheet to Version 6.2 – June 2018. The updated planning tool, NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.3 – August 2018 has been posted on the PA Nutrient Management Program website.

Several updates were added to resolve identified issues and provide additional information.  Planners can continue to use any NMP Spreadsheet 6.x Version.  However the best practice is to use the latest version when starting a new plan.  If a planner experiences any of the problems resolved by the updates summarized below, then NMP Spreadsheet 6.3 – August 2018 must be used.

Highlights of these updates include:

NMP Summary

The Total Acres reported in NMP Summary formula evaluated to a blank when the field acres in Appendix 4 Input was zero.  The formula for The Total Acres reported in NMP Summary formula was updated to display zero when field acreage is zero in Appendix 4 Input.  This mainly affects all export operations with no fields for manure application.

Appendix 3 Manure Group Info

Manure Group 4 – Animal Group 1 uncollected manure formula had an error.  If animal group 1 did not have uncollected manure and any other animal group within manure group 4 did have uncollected manure then a #N/A error would be generated for the manure group uncollected manure.  The formula was updated to properly account for the uncollected manure in a manure group 4.

PSU Nitrogen Recommendations

The tobacco nitrogen recommendation had yields entered instead of nitrogen recommendations in the table.  It was updated to reflect the nitrogen recommendation used for Nutrient Balance Sheets.  The tobacco nutrient recommendation is a combination of a nitrogen recommendation taken from INPI calculator and P2O5 and K2O recommendations from Penn State AASL Recommendations.

The standard format Excel file: NMP Version 6.3 2018-08 (2007-2016) is now available on the Nutrient Management Website under Planning Tools.

If you have any questions regarding the new spreadsheet version, please contact Don Orner at: dgo2@psu.edu or 610-804-0010.

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