NMP Version 6.2 Update Notice

The Nutrient Management Program has released an update to NMP Spreadsheet to Version 6.1 – December 2017. The updated planning tool, NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.2 – June 2018 has been posted on the PA Nutrient Management Program website.

Several updates were added to resolve identified issues and provide additional information.  Planners can continue to use any NMP Spreadsheet 6.x Version.  However the best practice is to use the latest version when starting a new plan.

If a planner experiences any of the problems resolved by the updates summarized below, then NMP Spreadsheet 6.2– June 2018 must be used.

Highlights of these updates include:

NMP Summary

The Total Acres Reported in the NMP Summary formula was updated.  Previously planners would get a #N/A if there was a null text string associated with a field in App 4 Input.  The Total Acres Reported in the NMP Summary is now calculated by summing the acres of the first instance of a field or the field ID count ending in .1.

Farm Crop List

The worksheet was renamed from "Create Farm Crop List" to "Farm Crop List" and redesigned to simplify the crop selection process.  A guidance document was prepared and is available on the nutrient management website.

App 4 Input

The Manure Group & Manure Balance Table in App 4 Input wasn’t displaying the animal group uncollected manure for manure groups 9-16.  The formulas were updated to properly account for all animal groups from all manure groups.

Grazing Group Manure Calculator

The Field ID list was not showing all fields created in App 4 Input.  The formula that transfers the Field ID's from App 4 Input was updated so that all fields in App 4 Input will appear in the Grazing Calculator Field ID drop-down list.  The Field and Grazing Group column is now automatically populated.  It will combine the Field name with the text “Grazing Calculator”.

Transfer Version 6 Plan

This worksheet was updated to transfer a Version 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 NMP to Version 6.2.  Everything will be transferred except the crop selections in the "Farm Crop List" Tab and user entries in Appendix 10.

Formula Updating

Volatile formulas were eliminated and replaced with updated formulas to reduce calculation lag times when entering data.  This has significantly increased spreadsheet performance.

Dynamic Named Ranges

The dynamic named range format for "user created" lists such as Field IDs, Manure Groups, and Animal Groups was updated so that names can begin with a letter or number.  Previously the first entry type in the list, alpha or numeric would be the only data type listed.  For example if a planner had field names of 1, 2, 3, A, B, C then only fields beginning with a numeric entry would be available for selection in the Grazing Calculator.

The standard format Excel file: NMP Excel 6.2 2018-06 (2007-2016) is now available on the Nutrient Management Website under Planning Tools.

If you have any questions regarding the new spreadsheet version, please contact Don Orner at: dgo2@psu.edu or 610-804-0010.

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