NBS Version 4.3 Update Notice

An update was made on February 2, 2018 to the NBS Standard Format Version 4.2 Spreadsheet and recently posted on the PA Nutrient Management website.

The following updates were made:

All Worksheets

Update all footers to display correct NBS version.

Create Farm Crop List

The worksheet was redesigned to simplify the crop selection process. A guidance document was prepared and is available on the Nutrient Management website.

NBS Input

Important Guidance was added in the Crop Group ID Column Header Note.  The Field Id must be included in the Crop Group Id when using Option 3 P Index.  This will include the Field Id in the P Index and Winter Matrix CMU/Field ID cell. Options 1 and 2 can be planned based on crop groups with no need to put fields in the crop group column.

The P Index would not generate a result when multiple manure applications were planned for on a field group and the answer to all Part A questions was No except one of the manure applications was “Winter” or “Winter 1.2-15”. Since winter manure application is a trigger for the P Index, only the multiple with the winter application would evaluate to “Part B”. The other multiple manure applications would evaluate to “N Based” and a P Index score wouldn’t be calculated. The P Index Evaluation criteria was updated so that if one manure application is winter then all instances of the field group will evaluate to Part B in the P Index.

Residual N Calculator

The Organic N lbs. applied formula was updated to properly calculate the pounds of N applied for a liquid manure group.

The current version and release date of the NMP Standard Format Spreadsheet is: “NBS Version 4.3 – February 2018”.  It is compatible with Excel 2007-2016.

The updated NBS Version 4.3 can be found on the Nutrient Management Website in the Planning Tools section.

If you have any questions regarding the new spreadsheet version, please contact Don Orner at: dgo2@psu.edu or 717-783-9704.

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Phone: 717-783-9704