Nutrient Management Tech Manual Version 10 Released

Version 10 of the Pennsylvania Act 38 Nutrient Management Program Technical Manual has been approved by the State Conservation Commission and has been made available on the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program website. The official release date is October 2017.

Also available on the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program website is the Tech Manual Version 10 Update Bulletin - October 2017. The bulletin highlights the most important changes and revisions made in the updated manual.

The Technical Manual Version 10 (October 2017) supports Version 6.x of the Nutrient Management Plan Standard Format, Version 4.x of the Nutrient Balance Sheet Standard Format, and Version 2.x of the Pennsylvania Phosphorus Index. The guidance in Technical Manual Version 10 is required for all nutrient management plan submissions for Crop Year 2019 and beyond.

The Technical Manual is available on the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program website as a single PDF. The Update Bulletin identifies each section and supplement where revisions have been incorporated into the Technical Manual Version 10. Each section of the manual includes a release date in the footer. In addition, the Table of Contents includes the current date of each section.

It is recommended that users download Version 10 of the Technical Manual and discard all previous versions. Paper copies of the manual can be updated by printing the complete manual, or printing only those sections of the manual that have been updated and replacing the appropriate out-of-date sections of the manual.

Contact Information

Frank Schneider
  • Director of Nutrient Management & Odor Programs, State Conservation Commission
Phone: 717-705-3895