NMP Version 6.1 Update Notice

The Nutrient Management Program has released an update to NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.0 – October 2017. The updated planning tool, NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.1 – December 2017 has been posted on the PA Nutrient Management Program website.

Several updates were added to resolve identified issues and provide additional information.  Planners can continue to use any NMP Spreadsheet 6 version.  However the best practice is to use the latest version when starting a new plan.

If a planner experiences any of the problems summarized below, then NMP Spreadsheet 6.1– December 2017 must be used.

Highlights of these updates include:

Appendix 3 Manure Group Information Printed Page

The Manure Used On-Farm amount, (row 27) included the Exported Manure amount, (row 29) for Manure Groups 2-16.  The formula for the Manure Used On-Farm value was updated to exclude exported manure for Manure Groups 2-16.

APP 4 Input

The Split designation was removed from the multiple designation column.  The guidance is to make a split field a separate field.

Printed Appendix 4 Crop & Manure Management

The final nutrient balance, (row 36), for nitrogen formula was updated so that a field with a planned manure application rate of zero would show a final nitrogen nutrient balance.  Previously, a field with a planned application rate of zero would show a zero for a final nitrogen nutrient balance.

Residual N Calculator

Organic N lbs. Applied (Column G): Updated an incorrect reference that determines whether to calculate the Organic N in lbs/ton or lbs/gallon

Grazing Group Manure Calculator

In Version 6.0, only pastures 1-6 were included in the calculations.  The total sum of days on pasture (column BI) and total manure allocated on pasture (column BJ) did not include pastures 7-10.  The Grazing Group Manure Calculator was updated so the days of uncollected manure and total manure allocated on pasture added up correctly for all ten pastures.

The acres for pasture/field 8 was not transferred for App 4 Input.  The Formula was updated so the acres would display the acres associated with the field selected in field group 8.

The Field ID dropdown list would list all multiple instances of field entered in App 4 Input.  The formulas were updated so the dropdown list would show only one instance of each field entered in App 4 Input.

Transfer Version 6.0 Plan to Version 6.1

This new worksheet will transfer a Version 6.0 NMP to Version 6.1.  Everything will be transferred except the crop selections in "Create Farm Crop List Tab and user entries in Appendix 10.

If you have any questions regarding the new spreadsheet version, please contact Don Orner at: dgo2@psu.edu or 610-804-0010.

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