NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.0 Released

NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.0 - October 2017 has been released by the Act 38 Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program. Version 6.0 includes several significant updates which are reflected in a version change from 5.0 to 6.0.

The previous version of the NMP Standard Format planning tool was Version 5.2 which was released in October 2016.  The release of NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.0 - October 2017 renders Versions 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 obsolete for Act 38 nutrient management planning.  All nutrient management plans written for Crop Year 2019 must use NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.0 - October 2017.

Following is a summary of the changes made in NMP Spreadsheet Version 6.0 - October 2017.

Updated Animal Weights

The most significant change is the use of the new animal weights from Agronomy Facts 54, Pennsylvania’s Nutrient Management Act (Act 38); Who Is Affected?.  This was one of the deciding factors to make a major version update to the NMP.

Manure Production and Nutrient Values

Manure production and manure nutrient content values were updated to be consistent with changes made in the 2017-2018 Agronomy Guide.  “As Excreted” manure nutrient values were updated to reflect Midwest Plans Service (MWPS) values, particularly the daily manure production values.

Additional Worksheets Added

A new worksheet, Farm Specific Animal List, was added to select the animal types present on the operation.  A farm specific animal type and corresponding weights list is generated based on the animal types in Agronomy Facts 54.  If an operation has animal weight records, those weights can be entered and used for planning purposes. Any animal type not listed in Agronomy Facts 54 can be added to the list.

A new worksheet, Grazing Group Manure Calculator, will determine the amount of uncollected manure and nutrients deposited by different species of grazing animals using the same pasture.  It can also be used to simplify the planning process for grazing operations.

Transfer of Existing Plans from Version 5 to Version 6

A transfer process has been developed to transfer an existing version 5.x plan to the new NMP Version 6.0 format.  The only information that needs to be re-entered is the farm specific animal list and farm crops list.

User Notes Added for Clarification

User notes in the blue column headers were added throughout the spreadsheet to help planners understand what information needs to be entered in each column or worksheet or what may be causing an error.

Appendix 3 Input

Column Q states the manure group units.  Previously when “Calculated” was selected then no value would be displayed.  This was updated so it will show the manure group units if "Calculated" or "Records" is selected for the inventory method.

Manure Average Input

The Phosphorous Source Coefficient, (PSC) value entry has been changed to a dropdown list with the default book values of 0.4, 0.8, and 1.0 listed.  PSC test results can be entered as well.

Appendix 4 Input

Regarding field names with hyphens, the formulas were updated to allow for a hyphen or dash to be use in the field name.  Previously multiples and double crops would not work if a dash or hyphen was used in a field name.

An indicator was added to alert the planner when the 500 field limit is exceeded.  Conditional formatting was added so the Field ID cell turns grey and the Field Count turns red with a message: "Exceeds 500 field limit.  Do not enter data in this row”.

The option to plan split manure applications was eliminated.  The guidance is to make it a separate field.

Appendix 3 Manure Group Info

The Manure Allocation Balance calculation now includes the exported manure entered in the plan.  Exported manure and manure allocated on the farm will be deducted from a manure group allocation balance.

Manure Balance as a Percent of Total Manure Collected was added.  This is the amount of manure remaining or over allocated after the manure from a manure group is allocated or exported.  The calculation is: (Manure Used On-Farm + Manure Exported) ÷ Total Manure Collected X 100.  A positive value means there is manure remaining to be allocated or exported.  A negative value means more manure was allocated or exported than was collected.

Comment notes were added to row headers to explain value meanings and explain where values were transferred from or to.

The manure group percent moisture value was added in row 16 to assist Conservation Districts with reporting requirements.

Appendix 4 Crop & Manure Management

An adjustment was made to the final nutrient balance for a "legume with manure" where no manure is applied.  Previously, when a legume with manure was selected and no manure is applied then the Final Nitrogen Balance shows a balance in App 4 Input and the NMP Summary.  This this was updated so the Final Nutrient Balance is zero since the legume crop doesn’t need any additional nitrogen.

Appendix 5 P Index

The formatting was updated so the Part A Screening questions are listed on all printed pages of the P Index.

Winter Application Matrix

The formatting was updated so the recommended field prioritization is listed on each printed page of the winter matrix.

The 25% Cover question was updated.  The result, "is there 25% cover" was updated to state "Not Allowed" is there was less than 25% cover was selected.

Animal Type-Manure Production Sheet

The animal type names were updated to be consistent with Agronomy Facts 54.  Poultry animal types were added to include breeder hens and breeder rooster for layers and broilers.

Additional manure production values were added.  Liquid values from MWPS were added for sheep/goats, horses, and poultry.

The option to add liquid manure production values for user added animal types was added.  Planners can now add liquid manure values for a user added animal type.

Table 5 – Agronomy Guide Table 1.2-14

An additional selection has been added for the Late Fall and Winter planned application season to clarify the target crop.  The added selection is:  “Early Spring Utilization. Winter crop in double crop system”.  The selection uses the same N availability as early spring utilization by small grains.  This selection is to be used when a double crop is being planned instead of the selection: “Late Fall: Summer Utilization. Single crop corn or annuals-Cover crop for silage”.

Table 6 – Agronomy Guide Table 1.2-15

An Early Fall selection, "utilization by a summer crop following a harvested winter crop or no winter crop” was added.  The text in the table was also updated to agree with Agronomy Guide text.

The current version and release date of the NMP Standard Format Spreadsheet is “NMP Version 6.0 – October 2017”.  It is available for use with Excel Versions 2007-2016.

If you have any questions regarding the new spreadsheet version, please contact Don Orner at: dgo2@psu.edu or 717-783-9704.

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