NBS Version 4.2 Update Notice

An update was made on October 13, 2017 to the NBS Standard Format Version 4.0 Spreadsheet recently posted on the PA Nutrient Management website.

The following updates were made:

  • NBS Cover Page.  The NBS Cover Page was unprotected so planners can add a company logo.
  • NBS Input Tab.  When copying and pasting a row or inserting a copied row and the Manure Plan Option selection was "P Removal", the crop K removal rate would get a #REF error.  The formula was updated to correctly determine crop K removal rate when the Manure Plan Option selection is "P Removal".

Planners can continue to use any revision of Version 4 (4.0, 4.1, 4.2).  However the best practice is to use the most recent revision, now NBS Version 4.2 October 2017, when starting a new plan.

If a planner experiences the problem summarized above, then NBS Version 4.2 – October 2017 must be used.  The updated NBS Version 4.2 can be found on the Nutrient Management Website in the Planning Tools section.

As a reminder, there is a detailed description of the significant changes from NBS Version 3 to NBS Version 4 posted on the website in the “What’s New” section.

The current version and release date of the NMP Standard Format Spreadsheet is “NBS Version 4.2 – October 2017”.  It is compatible with Excel 2007-2016. 

Contact Information

  • Project Associate
Phone: 717-783-9704