Manure Management Plan Online Course

A new resource, Writing a Manure Management Plan for Pennsylvania Farmers and Property Owners, is now available to assist farmers and land owners prepare and implement a Manure Management Plan for their operations.

Penn State Extension educators working in the Act 38 Nutrient Management Education Program adapted the materials from the Manure Management Plan Writing Workshop to create an online option for farmers and landowner to meet their manure management plan requirements.

Act 38 is a nutrient management law that requires agricultural operations in Pennsylvania with a high density of livestock or poultry to develop and implement approved nutrient management plans. However, this impacts only a relatively small portion of Pennsylvania farm operations.

All other farms in Pennsylvania that have animals or poultry that produce manure or farms that use manure for crop production are required by law to develop and implement a Manure Management Plan. This includes hobby farms with a small number of animals or properties that have recreational animals such as horses. The Manure Management Plan requirements are outlined in a publication titled “Land Application of Manure – Manure Management Plan Guidance.”

The Writing a Manure Management Plan for Pennsylvania Farmers and Property Owners course has been developed specifically for these farmers and property owners. The purpose of the course is to help farmers and animal owners understand and meet the Manure Management Plan requirements. As they work through the course materials, they will have the opportunity and guidance to write a manure management plan for their farm.

The Manure Management Plan has seven sections, including the development of a farm map and the completion of eight worksheets. This course begins with an introduction to the planning requirements and process. Subsequent course sections then provide a brief overview of what is required for each part of the plan, as well as step-by-step guidance on how to complete each of the worksheets. In addition, participants are introduced to the many resources that have been developed to assist farmers in the planning process and how to access them.

Writing a Manure Management Plan for Pennsylvania Farmers and Property Owners is available on the Penn State Extension website.  The cost to register for the online course is $59.00.

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